7 Handful Trick to Get Real Apps Downloads

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    Do you like natural and organic food? Do not you like? Surely you will like because man has a special attraction for natural things. If you have headache or pain in head then you will like to take medicine or coffee. Similarly, if you want an app to solve a problem then you have to join App store. Most mobile customers and users get and search their app through organic way. The complete set of app marketing techniques can be divided into two areas. They are organic and paid. First we shall expose organic techniques that are must for success.

    1-- App Reviews & Ratings

    People have different thinking and comments about app reviews. They think that people or customers do not leave comments or rating when they are happy from any app downloaded. They also think that reviews or ratings provided are not real or fake but reality is this that both are partly true. There is psychological reason that why the people do not comments or give ratings of app. People are happy to load complaints. If you buy Google iTune app reviews, then you will find such practices being carried out. But think for a moment that if you find in market a chocolate of low quality, will you stop eating chocolate? No, you will select chocolate of high quality. So remember this is a precious marketing tool. There are various reasons due to which we require rating and position in app store. In store there are given a competition according to ratings and review. Some important features to increase reviews are:

    A- Add a ?Rate our app? plugin

    This is a nice and simple way to get reviews or comments from people and customers. So your number of reviews will be increased.

    B- Incentivize users to review your app:

    You can attract your user by introducing incentives for example if your app is about game then you can say users to get some internal points and money from your game and comments plus review writing.

    2. App Previews

    Apple has introduced in 2014 about App previews. This help to check the App by customers before downloading it. By introducing a 30 seconds demo you can tell about App you have used or downloaded. There are getting very nice results from App Previews by companies.

    3. Personal On boarding

    This is true that friends suggest other friends and neighbors about app they have used or using. So in this way a chain is developed and number of reviews or comments plus downloads increased accordingly. This is a very strong channel you should get benefit from it. For this you can use DICEE principal given by guy Kawasaki. One of nice way is to introduce in a good way like welcome them. Apply this in your app.

    4. In-app Behavioral Analytic Tool

    When you sit before your computer and you have launches an app then first question in your mind will be are your users happy with your app? What functions are being performed by customers through your app? Through this analysis you can locate that if needed further install or not in your app. For this you can take help from Localytics or Mixpanel.

    5- App Website & Smart Banner

    When you introduced website and App, you may remain in touch for most time but there will come a time when you will need to reduce your presence. People now are visiting continuously the mobile websites especially when Google has introduced to rank mobile friendly websites higher. Your app website will work as a hub plus there will be available description, video demo, screenshot and many other things will be available. You can increase traffic to your website. This will increase reviews or download about your app.

    6. Apple Watch Support:

    Apple watch support has convinced millions of people to get and download millions of app. This device has great features. If your app is introduced through this device then your visibility in app store will be prominent than others. This is a great creative activity.

    7- Create a Viral Loop

    Viral loop is a technical device that offers your customers to market your application onward on other places. When anybody markets his app, he may say please download this app but this is not a viral loop. If users of your app has trust that by sharing your app they improve positively their own experience this is real viral loop. You have to introduce viral loop in such a way that your app will be accepted by Apple. There are three main things from which you can take support.

    A- Beat my score:

    This way best works for games. This is very simple. When users install such app they run game and get specific score. They send detail to the friends to beat their score and app downloading is increased.

    B- Help from Friends

    This will really help you for getting good results. You will introduce dangerous tracks and limits so that sent to other friends for achievement.

    C- Jump the Queue

    This area will work better for all app. You have to introduce a queue to get your app I advance before launching it. Through this process you can get organic downloads after launching of your app.
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    Well done, thanks for sharing.