$65 per day with NO investment and literally no knowledge!


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Jun 21, 2015
Hey guys, this method literally anyone can do, with of course patience and work, yeah you don't need brain for this.
To make $65 per day, you only need to make 1 sale, which should be easy, so keep in mind, you can make much more!

So what we will be going to do is promoting bluehost as affiliate to business that don't have hosting.
DON'T GO JUST YET! I know you seen this many times, but this is better :)

So hardest step is to find clients, we are going to use yelp for this.
So first thing I need to do is search on google like this:
site:yelp.com "claim your business page and" [city]

This is how it should look like: http://prntscr.com/9335jj

What you gonna do now is take a look if they have website, if not, pitch them up with message how website will bump up their sale by 150% and stuff like that (be professional) and offer them bluehost and most reliable one and your affiliate link of course.

Now this is only one possibility, you can offer: to make them website, seo, socialmedia, yelp reviews, google reviews and tons of other stuff and simply outsource those (fiverr, odesk, and even bhw)

Such an no brainer method, only hard work and patience needed to do grunt work of researching and sending messages over and over again.
Or host it yourself on a VPS and cut the middlemen by doing a monthly recurring for as long as they "bump up their sale by 150%" with a simple website on your own server.. ;)
Seems like a really good method. Would go with hostgator as I personally use it!! haahah.
How much time (honestly) it took to get to your first sale, time started from the moment you come to know this method, including giving up first time and trying again n all that.
it seems very easy and I dont like easy. some easy turn out to be very frustrating in the end but because a lot people are saying they have tried it, then I will try it out to test the waters. Thanks anyway
Basically eWhoring but with your Hosting Affiliate links.
You got some sales you'd like to show us? Not that I doubt the method. It works,logically.

Practically though,done it yourself?

lol ewhoring. This is totally legal you are lieing to them, you are just saying facts and something that has been proven, why you compare it to ewhoring?
How much time (honestly) it took to get to your first sale, time started from the moment you come to know this method, including giving up first time and trying again n all that.

around 13 days because I used email as contact method and this guys who dont have website arent tech savvy so it usually takes time for them to answer you, I bet I would get it MUCH faster if I was going with phone contact.
How do you contact them via email? I couldn't find an email on the yelp pages, even though they didn't have a website. They only had a phone number.
You leave out the most important part out of the method: getting sales. Everyone knows you can get commissions from hosts, the problem is you need to sell another service like web design to get the commission for hosting and to be honest if you're pitching web design, you can reasonably charge $2,000 so the commission you receive from hosting isn't worth it. Also you said you needed "no knowledge" for this method, actually you need some web design experience. Not trying to hate on your method, just saying it's probably not the best thing to pursue.
Thankyou for such a useful post. I appreciate this and will look to implement as soon as possible
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