$600 rule and international affiliates.

Discussion in 'CPA' started by Quazpolter, Jan 27, 2012.

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    I know for people who reside in the US the rule is in place because of something related to taxes. How does this affect me, as a person who doesn't live in the US? Do I just get sent my money and I'll deal with the tax men of my country on my own?

    Another question: Are there networks that do not accept international affiliates? I'd like to avoid them as much as possible, so as not to waste my time.

    In the stickies in this forum people were asking how to get in networks that operate out of the US, but they seemed to be mostly afraid of the phonecall. Another issue regarding the phonecall seemed to be that it will come during the night.

    I can speak English just fine and I don't really see why anybody should be afraid of someone calling from the CPA company. Also, as for the late night phonecall... it is your chance to earn yourself a living. Wake up and when you're done, go back to sleep. The only issue that I see is the resulting phone bill.

    Another one: How long does it take to get a response from a CPA company? I've applied to BLAM Ads, their applications are on hold.

    And CPA Infinity, haven't heard back from them yet.
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    We will be looking at applications today.

    Also, regarding the $600 "rule", it only applies to USA affiliates as in the USA if someone makes over $600 per year(not sure if its per company or total) they legally have to pay taxes on it.

    We do not require a phone call, if anything, we will contact you via IM or E-Mail if we have any questions, rarely will we call someone unless it is an urgent matter that must handled within 24-48 hours, or if the affiliate prefers to be contacted via phone.

    Most people are scared of the phone call for a few reasons -
    1) Their age - first and foremost, to my knowledge there is no age restriction on taxes, so if your 13 and you know you can bank hard, then go for it, tear it up!

    2) The sound in their voice, generally if you know what your doing, just by the way someone speaks you can tell if their telling you the truth, if their forgetful, if their nervous or worried, etc. Example, some people can speak with police / law enforcement with no problem, others, their knees get weak and their voice gets shaky.

    3) The person who handles all of our phone calls is Daniel(m0nster on BHW). He's one of the friendliest people you could meet online.