6 Month Micro Niche Site - EMD.info Experiment

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    OK, I would be pretty straightforward here.

    This is because I am curious on how EMD and .info domains perform in the current google.
    In the experiment, this is some of the scopes :

    Time frame : 6 months
    Domain : Exast match domains with .info
    How many pages ? : Initially 1 page for every MNS (1000 words), will grow it later, depends on site performance.
    Monetization : Adsense and Amazon
    Keywords Volume : I will go only for very low volume ranging from 300-1000, but mostly around 400-700
    Keyword competitiveness : Low competition based on Moz. When moz said it is a low competition keyword, I will go for it.
    CPC : I dont care actually, but mostly >0.3
    Baclinking : Mostly, I will use cheap blogposts in BHW. It would be like a set and forget.
    How many site ? : I will target to make minimum 6 MNS every month.
    Target : Average $3/month/site after 6 months ( I think it's realistic target. Let's see)

    I will update once a week at least. Everything from what I do and the performance of this projects.

    I really hope I can get a very successfull case study.
    Let's rock and roll!
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    any updates? just asking since its few months now