500th Post & How to Convert a $1 DP Article into $24 Trick

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    Happy Thankgiving to all the black hat commandoes here, and for the wonderful resource that is BHW, here's my addition to the bag of tricks. I have been an advocate of article "stacking" or using various kinds of leveraging to get the most out of content you create. Rather than gripe about the low rates some paid article directories or freelance buyers pay, you could convert this into more money by integrating and re-formating everything you make for multiple uses. One example:

    1. Take any old crappy or lowball offer for writers, like a $2 each for 5 or so 500-600 articles from a freelancing site or ad, or a $1-1.50 offer for the same on DP, where the buyer asks for the moon (100% unique/copyscape passed, perfectly written, yada yada). Write the article, but mainly select the assignments that tie in to pages or topics you were going to write on anyway.

    2. Each article should be on the same topic/KW. It'll come to only $5-10, but you get paid for work you were otherwise going to do for free anyway. Also, you are writing material the market has actually shown a demand for, as opposed to guessing---so you're also in effect getting paid for doing competition research.

    3. Write each article in two part form, such that it could be split into two 250-300 word articles. The buyer gets the original 5, but you have 5, or really 10 articles to work with for other purposes. To be safe, do a manual, sentence by sentence re-write of the lot of them. You could go the extra mile of then integrating the rewrites into a manual spinner (like MAR), than doing a word spin of all the content (original or re-write).

    4. After this setup, you have the foundation to submit the 10 rewrites to paid article directories (upfront from AC could be $20-22, more from others). Spin the articles a few dozen times, they should all be human readable and CS passable based on your manual set-up. Sell a set of 10 as PLR or an e-book report for $4-5 each (10 sets sold, $40+). Sell unique spins of the 10 (only one buyer gets spin X, or Y or Z) for more ($7-8,10 sets sold, $7+).

    5. Additionally or elsewhere, get a WP or adsense-friendly template and use the spins to set up your own minisite or e-course, to tie it into affiliate commissions. In fact, set-up several minisites to flip to others ($15 or much more per flip). Use additional spins of the content to help set-up a backlink network to your own site.

    6. Using a combiniation of some of the above, one can easily bank $120 or more per article set, per day writing just 5 a day. Divided by the original 5 base articles you started with, comes to about $24 per each dinky $1 DP piece. So go pick up those lowball pennies on the ground, they are potential goldmines once leveraged.
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    I don't understand, Do you use a spintax manual spinner (like PAR) and rewrite the sentences into 10 (50% to 70%) unique versions.
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    cool story bro