$500 custom order on Seoclerk


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Sep 9, 2019
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I was just browsing through the site and I saw a custom order request for $500 project. I want to do it but I am not experienced enough, is there a way I can get it done through someone else on a commission basis?

Basically he needs a program that can read, enter image code and recaptcha automatically which does not require additional services from the 3rd hand along with votes and proxies (seems like hes getting ready to vote up donald trump)

I am not experienced with these stuff, however I am looking for someone who can do this task on commission...
sounds way too complicated for $500 try to renegotiate.
Ask another freelancer to do it for you fr 300$, and keep a 200$ for you. (That's if you can find someone to this task).
A standard website costs more than that, you will struggle to find someone who will be willing to do the work for that price as a programmer.
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