(50$) Need Simple Automation Program Made


Power Member
Jul 11, 2009
I need a program that automates creating logins for a website and adding them to a text file.

Site is JS based.

I have $50 to spend and it's a fairly simple program. I usually use iMacros for FireFox but I need this for automation so I don't have to sit in front of the computer all day.

imacro can do all automatic.. don't need to sit..

can I check this out? may be. I can do with php
Just learn ahk ,you'll be able to automate almost anything you can imagine of or if you want it done PM and we can talk bout it.
Acctually I don't want it as a bot but as a program. I want to be able to do other tasks while the program is running.

The site doesn't have captchas.
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