[50% Commission] Need Affiliates for selling Hacking eBook.

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    Hello world,

    I'm looking for affiliates who are willing to sell my eBook which I wrote.It has had good reviews so far. The cost of the ebook is $20 and the affiliate share is 50% i.e you get $10 for each sale. Currently, i'm using DPD Affiliate services. Which is realiable and been in service since 2004 with reliable tracking options.

    Our Compelling Sales page! - http://hackbook.net
    Beautiful User Reviews! - http://hackbook.net/p/reviews-testimonials.html

    It is a good landing page and has high conversions, therefore parterning for this will definite help you get a lot of sales.

    When you get a sale?

    I've set the options as an affiliate sale, if a user who is referred by you buys the eBook at ANY POINT of his life. His cookie is stored and the sale is given under your name even if he buys the book after an year. Payments are done through PayPal.Check out DPD for the inbult affiliate programs.

    Who can sell?

    Anyone who is familiar or thinks can sell in this rapidly growing niche of Hacking Tools and Cracking can come forward and take part for FREE. It would definitely help a lot more if you have a blog or forum in this particlular niche, but then again, you can have your own ways of doing this.Please post below if interested. You can contact me at
    for more details or getting in a partnership of any sort with your plan of progress.