5 Years On BHW + Some Of My Favourite SEO Strategies/Tips/Advice Inside 15,000 Words..


Oct 30, 2011
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^^ Apologies in advance to anyone who may be "offended" by the above picture. It's just a bit of fun.

Full credit for the resource for the above picture goes to Sherbert Hoover. I just shamelessly copied him, lol.


Alright, I've got your attention now.

This thread took a while to put together. Had to go back and forth several times to add in different things.

This thread was actually supposed to be up on the 30th October 2015 to mark my 4 years on BHW.. but that ended up getting delayed as I felt the information I shared wasn't good enough. I had 2 options - to either post what I had or to either wait and add a few more bits and bobs to make the thread slightly more valuable.

I went with option 2. So I added a few more things and told myself it'll be ready to go up on 1st Jan 2016.

Well, that clearly didn't happen, lol.


A month later - February 2016 - and I had time to finally polish the content and post up this thread. I can't guarantee everything I talk about in this thread is going to be ground breaking or revolutionary.. but I really hope you learn at least 1 new thing from this thread!

I joined BHW in 2011.. and I've come a long way from back then. Check out the type of stuff I used to post back in the day.

1. Here I made a thread asking how much a PR 4 website was worth (this was back in the time when PR was in demand). This was approx 5 years ago. I now sell several successful BST's on BHW's marketplace, I've worked with some brilliant companies in the UK and around the world, I have an inventory of several sites making money on autopilot.. and the best thing about all this is that all credit goes to BHW. 5 years ago I signed up to this forum with the intention of learning and making some money on the side. My goals in life were not to be a SEO or an Internet Marketer. It was different. However, without sounding cheesy or dramatic, BHW is the sole reason why my life goals and objectives changed. 5 years later and I'm a completely different person. If there's 1 thing I learned from all this, it's that no matter what happens in your life - things will eventually start to work out - providing you put the time and effort into it. I see too many people sign up to this forum and immediately expect to be spoon fed an easy way to make money. That's not really how it works. Put all your time and focus onto 1 thing and stick at it. You're bound to fail, and if you don't.. well, you're doing something wrong. Keep failing and keep recovering from each failure. The feeling when you finally reach your goals cannot be explained in words. I never imagined myself to be in this position 5 years ago. I still wake up at 5PM sometimes, brush my teeth and smile to myself at the amount of freedom I have in my life due to the type of work I do. It doesn't matter if you're a "noob" or a beginner right now. Sooner or later, you'll be an expert/success in your field if you put the work in.

2. This post still makes me cringe uncontrollably. I don't know what I was thinking. I still remember the advice 'Jazzc' gave me at the time. @Jazz, if you're reading this, I owe you a beer (even though this was 4 years ago). Long story short - I didn't get the girl. I was young and stupid. Looking back at all my posts, I can't help but sit here and facepalm myself every few seconds. I made some seriously awful posts back in the day. Good old days.

3. Here's another stupid post. I had to prepare for an exam with 24 hours notice and I was losing it. This was back in the day when I didn't really know what I was going to do with my life/future. Back then, any money I made on the side was just "side money". I went from making no money, to making some money, to making lots of money on the odd occasion to switching to IM/SEO full time and making a consistent stream of income. Almost every single piece of information I learnt over the last 5 years is seriously thanks to BHW. I can't say it enough. This place is like my home and a lot of the members I've had the wonderful opportunity to talk to are like family. I hope to be making another thread like this in another 5 years time, lol.

Here is something I said back in 2012 on a thread:

"IM may not be the right thing for me in 5 years. What I do in IM may not work in 5 years. I don't want to take that risk so Im just going to do IM as a side thing as a hobby."

Well, almost 5 years later and I can gladly say - everything is going well for me! I ended up taking that "risk" and "leap of faith". I ended up putting in all the time I had into BHW and absorbing the information on here. And well, it all went from a hobby to a full time profession I absolutely love.

What a journey it has been. I am so grateful for the people I've met from this forum, the advice I've gotten and the level of support I've received from a lot of members here.

I can still remember the days in 2011 when I would message Greg (BassTrackerBoats) asking for advice + the times when I used to troll/mock Thomas (Meathead1234) for being bald. (I was quite "childish" back then I guess, lol).

I hope I'm not the only one who also remembers having to submit a really long application in order to get a BST reviewed/approved, lol.


I really don't want to start naming all the members I've met/spoken to over the last few years as I'd be here forever and I would hate myself if I missed someone out by accident.

Anyways.. I think that's about it for my long speech. Once again, thanks to BHW for making me who I am today.

In the next few sections of this thread, I'm going to talk about some of my favourite tips/strategies that I have been using for the past few months with unbelievable success. I've mostly used these strategies to rank my churn/burn sites.. and I've been super busy the last few weeks scaling everything up to another level.

This is what my Serpbook currently looks like for my churn/burn sites:



That's approx 80+ churn/burn sites - of which most are ranked and is making money. The biggest advice I can give (which I'll go into a bit more detail below) is to scale everything! Even if you have a site making $20/day.. that's $6720/year (providing that the rankings are steady and consistent). If you scale that up to 10 sites... that's $50K+/year. Scale that to 100 sites and that's $500K+/year.

Okay.. obviously it's not going to be easy to create 100 sites that generate $20/day.. but you get my point. If you find something that's working well for you, scale it up. Rinse and squeeze every last bit of earning potential you can from it. I also have a few longer term sites in the works but I'll leave that for another day and another thread.

Here is a quick list of the different tips/strategies I'll cover on this thread:

As I mentioned at the start of this thread, some of the things I talk about below may not necessarily be "new" to a lot of you. However, I'm confident and almost willing to bet that you'll find at least 1 thing which you didn't know before.

(Especially section #3 with the expired Twitter accounts... I'm quite confident a lot of people don't know what these are).

I could of easily posted the different tips/strategies above as individual threads but I quite liked the idea of having everything in 1 place :)

So, with all that being said, I hope you enjoy the different sections of this thread. Instead of putting all the information on this main post, I decided to split it up so that you can easily view the exact section you want to read about.

Happy reading.. and if you have any questions feel free to give me a shout and I'll do my best to help out.

Until next time!

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Oct 30, 2011
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NOTE: This works for me most of the times. However, it's not 100% "reliable" for every single scenario. A lot of the bigger niches are quite complicated and require more research, digging and analysis. This strategy is perfect for low/medium competition terms that aren't already spammed with sites using strong PBN's. This strategy is designed to give you a rough idea only on what I call the "optimum" anchor text ratio. It might not work for everyone, but it works for me, hence why I'm sharing this today.



This is something I've seen a lot of people stress out about over the last few months. Picking the right anchor text ratios'. There are a lot of sites and tutorials online where they claim to have found the "perfect/ideal" anchor text ratio. For example, over here. Ahrefs did a fantastic job with their research/case study and they claim the ideal ratio is 1.5% for exact match and 33% for partial match. Whilst I have no doubt this is probably the "safest" ratio to use.. I'm not entirely convinced it's the "best". Not everyone has a long term site. For example, a lot of my sites just now are churn/burn (sites that are designed to make money for as long as possible, but in the quickest time possible). Therefore, even though I could "play it safe" by sticking to a specific set of anchor ratio percentages, I'd rather jump into the deep end and get slightly more involved.

The strategy I explain here is straight forward. It works extremely well in my niche (I have 30+ sites in a single niche which I'm having a lot of success with and this method works perfectly for me for this specific niche). As I mentioned above, this strategy is not going to work in every single scenario.. but this gives me a rough outline of what I need to do. I can then compare the data I gather using this strategy + take into consideration the data gathered by Ahrefs and other case studies to form a final conclusion on the "optimum" anchor ratios' before I go ahead and start the link building.

To summarise my point - let me give you an example. "Niche 1" might be heavily spammed and therefore the only way to rank here is to go hard and aggressive with your ratios and link building. Sticking to the 1.5% for exact match anchors isn't going to help in this niche simply because every other site is dominating by going above a certain % for their exact match anchors. And I don't have time to "play it safe" and wait several months to see results. Like I said, I'm going after tough/slightly aggressive niches with churn/burn sites so I don't care if a site gets hit in the end.

To test this out, I picked a fairly aggressive niche that should of been moderately fair to rank. The objective of the test was to see what would be the quickest way to rank. To do this, I created 2 identical sites with similar lengths of content, approach, etc. I then carried out a quick varied SEO "package" to each of them myself. Note - there are no "authority" sites on Page 1 in this niche I picked, hence why my strategy worked better.

For the first site, I used the following anchor ratio breakdown:

  • Naked URL's (domain.com) - 15%
  • Branded Anchors (brand name) - 75%
  • Generic Anchors (any generic word) - 5%
  • Partial Match/LSI Anchors (different variations of my main keywords - KeywordShitter is a great tool for this) - 3%
  • Exact Anchors (main money keywords) - approx 2%

For the second site, I used the "optimum" anchor ratio breakdown I gathered from using my strategy.

Results after approx 45 days? Here you go..

These were the rankings using the "safe/ideal" anchor ratios:


Managed to get 6 keywords ranking fairly decent although nothing great. The site is currently still ranking.

These were the rankings using the "optimum" anchor ratios using the strategy I'll explain below:


Got all the keywords ranking in better positions. Made $XX on the site so far in conversions. Nothing great, but this was just a quick test so I wasn't expecting much anyway.

Now the results from the quick test were not surprising. In fact, I knew what the verdict would be anyway. It's common sense. Building more links with your exact anchor is going to increase your chances of ranking for that keyword - although you have a higher chance of getting hit later down the line.

For those who have long term sites and want to rank for as long as possible, your best bet is probably sticking to the known and tested "safe" anchor ratios. However, for those who are in slightly aggressive/short term niches, the following strategy might end up working a lot better in getting you results.

Like I mentioned at the top of this post, this strategy is not going to work for every niche and the success rate for you might be lower than what I achieved. For example, if Page 1/2/3 for your keyword is full of authority sites, that isn't going to change - no matter what you do. Most of these authority sites probably only have a few backlinks, so using the strategy explained below isn't going to help. However, this strategy has been working for me for quite some time now for most of my churn/burn sites and if it works for me, then it must surely work for a few of you.


So, we can now finally talk about the strategy. Some niches just require you to build out link after link targeting the exact anchor. The "safe" anchor ratio breakdown doesn't help with these niches.. and therefore you need to think outside the box. For example - let's just say my main keyword was "sell my mobile" for the .co.uk market. Here is the anchor profile for the top result:


This is just an example anyway.. but as you can see their exact anchor ratio is 34%. I've seen niches with a lot higher percentages and it took me several months of building links specifically targeting the exact/target anchors before I cracked Page 1. Anyways, so back to my point - providing that the Page 1 results for your main keyword isn't full of authority sites - it means the sites ranking on that page are doing something correct, right? Surely their anchor ratio percentages are working for them.. so why won't it work for you? Let's copy them.

This strategy revolves around analysing the anchor text ratio of your competition on Page 1. I usually have my VA do this as it can sometimes be a tiresome task - but to save time you can just analyse the Top 3 instead - although the less sites you analyse, the less reliable your final data/results are going to be. For this, you can use Ahrefs or Majestic but I've always preferred Majestic.

I'll go through the steps very briefly as it should be quite self explanatory. Enter in the first URL of your competition and export their "Anchor Text" data. Now remove all the columns and leave just the "Referring Domains" stats.

Should look something like:


You could filter it by "Domains" instead but there's no way to prevent duplicate anchors (such as site-wide links), hence why I usually choose "Referring Domains".

Do this for as many sites as you can for your keyword. I always do Page 1 in full and sometimes Page 2 and further if I really need more data or if the numbers from what I have isn't convincing/"juicy" enough.

Once you have all your data, either yourself (or your VA) now needs to note down the "type" of anchor each one is. For example: exact/partial-LSI/naked URL/generic/brand/other/etc.. you get the idea. And then calculate the % that type of anchor accounts for each site you've gathered data on. Again, this strategy isn't necessarily "quick" but this is often the first job I give my VA when once I've created my churn/burn sites.

Of course you could probably just stick to the "tried and tested anchor ratios" and hope that you'll rank or you could possibly just build a bunch of links with various anchors using trial and error.. but personally, I've found this strategy to work the best for the niches I go after. A huge majority of the sites I make that follow this strategy always end up on Page 1 fairly quick and so far, they're all steady. So I'll continue using this strategy for as long as my sites continue to rank.

Anyways, so for example - this is what it should look like after you've concluded the data from 1 site:


Once you have all your data, you need to find the "average" from all the sites you've used. This will be your "optimum" anchor text ratio.

After finding the average from all the different sites you analysed, you will now have your final "optimum" ratios for your keyword/niche.


Now that you know the average ratios for your keyword/niche, go out and begin your link building.

For example, the above average ratio says 30% for exact. That is a lot higher than the "industry recommended" amount. I would never build exact anchors that take up 30% of the profile for my longer term sites. However, with my churn/burn sites, I don't care. I simply start doing my link building using the "optimum" ratios Ive attained with my analysis'. This is the exact method I've used on a large majority of my churn/burn sites.. and it works just fine.


However, there are 2 big things to consider:

As I said right at the start, this strategy is not "100% accurate/reliable". For example, a lot of the sites targeting the bigger/more rewarding niches are most likely using/building PBN links. And there's a high chance most of them are hiding the links from tools like Ahrefs/Majestic. There are 2 options for this:

  • You can dig deeper and try to find their PBN links. Just because it's blocked by Ahrefs/Majestic, doesn't mean it's blocked by every single crawler/bot. A method I use involves using newer/fresh backlink checker sites such as this. These are probably not going to be blocked by some PBN sites. I've found quite a lot of PBN sites that I wouldn't have seen on Ahrefs/Majestic by using this tool. I then used the sites I found on this tool to find further footprints. There are many other tools like this - just search for "backlink checkers" and then try each one out. You'll eventually start finding several PBN links which you wouldn't have found with the more popular backlink checking tools. After you find the PBN links, you can alter/edit your "optimum" anchor ratios.

  • The above method is quite tedious and not everyone is going to be fan of it. The alternative solution is the easiest. Just guess/take a calculated risk. First, have a look at your niche. Is it a niche that is going to require a lot of PBN links to rank? Based on that, increase your exact and partial anchor % ratio's slightly higher. The majority of these PBN links will probably contain OBL's with the exact/partial anchor so that's the only ratio you'll need to adjust.

The second thing to consider is that finding the "optimum" anchor ratio doesn't mean you're going to beat your competition. It simply means you now know the average anchor ratios your competition is using. You still need to build strong and powerful links to beat them. So what do you do after getting your "optimum" ratios? You start building links - and you do it better than your competition. And if you do this all correctly, you WILL rank.


Here's a small tip which you can use to get the same links your competition have. Credit to Ahrefs. For this, you'll need an Ahrefs account. If you don't want to pay for one, you can get it for $5 (1 month use) on Fiverr.

Now as we all probably know already - the "traditional" way of finding the links your competition is using is by doing a manual reverse engineering campaign. t0mmy does a good job explaining the process in detail over here.

With this technique, everything/majority of the process takes place inside Ahrefs. Once you're logged in, you can use the "Link Intersect Tool" directly to find out all your competitors' links. For example:


You'll then see something like this:


If you click on the "arrow" icon underneath each site, you'll be given more information on the site, backlinks, anchor text used, etc.


Go through all the different sites/backlinks you see and try to figure out ways where you can also do the same thing (but do it better!). I'd recommend reading Ahref's full post to get a better understanding on this. They explain everything perfectly and it's probably better if you read it on their blog rather than me just copying and rewriting what they've already said.


The main key is to build better links than your current competition. With my above "optimum" anchor ratio strategy + quality link building = surprisingly easy rankings - if you do it all correctly.

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope some of you found this section interesting/useful/worth the read.

If you made it to the end of this post, thank you for sticking through it!



Oct 30, 2011
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This is a straight forward list of tools that I use whenever I may be doing anything PBN related. As some of you might be aware, over the last few months I've scaled up my PBN set up process hugely and these are the tools that have assisted me along the way.

I'm not going to bother listing all the hosts I use, etc as I'll be here forever. I'll simply list the tools and services I've used that I think are worth mentioning.


Hammerhead Domains - One of the first few sites I used back in the day when I was searching for domains for my earlier networks. You can sign up for a free account and try your luck at finding some domains but the best way to find some gems is to sign up to their paid plan. Here's the best bit - sign up to their 7 day trial for $1. This gets you full access to approx 80+ domains per day. Simply cancel your subscription on the 7th day. By the time your trial ends, you'll have received 500+ domains. Out of those 500, at least 20+ should be "good enough" to go into your network. Rinse and repeat. It would only cost you an investment of $4/month. If you don't want to pay the $1, their "free" access is restricted to 10 domains a day + a maximum of DA 19 (although metrics on its own don't mean much!). You might be able to grab 1 or more decent domains per day if you're lucky. Please do your own due diligence if you decide to use their paid plans as I am not affiliated with this site.

Expireddomains.net - Everyone has probably heard of this site. Probably a good place to start for anyone who is new to PBN's.

FakeNameGenerator - Comes in handy when you're creating lots of WHOIS profiles and you'd rather have all the information in front of you to just copy/paste into your registrar.

EasyBlogNetworks (pricing page) - I do not recommend hosting all your domains with them, but from all the other services I've tried for "all in one PBN domain management" - this one is probably the easiest to use in terms of interface/quality. If you're just starting out (10 or less domains) and you're looking for a service that'll allow you to take care of all your hosting/management needs in 1 place.. this is probably it. I do have a bunch of domains added with them, but as I mentioned above, don't get lazy and just start dumping all your domains to them. If you're considering using "IP Networx" - avoid them.

404 to 301 Redirection - Quite self explanatory. Allows you to redirect all your broken links/404 links to your homepage or wherever you want. This allows the juice to flow through.

Block Backlink Crawlers - If you're looking to block backlink crawlers, then the best way to do this would be via htaccess. There are plugins around that claim to block bots and even if they work, they can sometimes leave silly footprints. The htaccess code I've provided is pretty simple/basic but it should do the job.

Managing Your PBN/Domains (virus scan) - This is a pretty nice Excel sheet to help you manage your PBN/domains/other stuff. This is for those who like to manage everything in a spreadsheet. I downloaded this sheet from another site/course I read a while ago.

Web Hosting Talk - You'll probably find some cheap offers for hosting here.


Majestic SEO - Don't need to say much about Majestic. Been using this daily for the last few months. I prefer this a lot compared to Ahrefs when it comes to researching and analysing domains. Also mainly used to check TF/CF/etc. It does everything I need it to do. No idea what I'll do without this.

Ahrefs - Whenever my data is looking odd/dodgy, I always go into Ahrefs to double check/verify. Ahrefs is probably better in terms of how much data and information it's able to process and produce, but I still prefer Majestic for their ease of use.

OpenLinkProfiler - Don't have access to Majestic/Ahrefs? This is your best free alternative.

Wayback Machine - This is another tool that is vital for my PBN set up process. For those of you who don't know what the Wayback Machine does.. it basically allows you to view archived "versions" of a particular page during its existence on the Internet. This allows you to enter in a domain, check all its previous versions and see whether or not the domain was clean (was it used as a PBN before? is the content foreign? was the site spammed in the past? was it an adult/pharma/gambling site? etc).

Screenshots - Another handy tool that allows you to view "screenshots" from the past for a page/website. Similar/same as the Wayback Machine. I like to use this to try get more results with the archives if the Wayback Machine doesn't bring the expected results.

OpenSiteExplorer - An alternative to Majestic/Ahrefs, although I don't use it that much. Mainly use it to check DA/PA/spam scores sometimes.

Did you know Blackhatworld looked like this in 2006?


PBNLab - This was probably one of the first domain scraping tools I used. Works fine providing you know how to use it correctly. Sometimes it can take a while before you find some decent domains, but the tool works. If you expand the filter settings with more harsh metrics, it'll probably take longer before you find domains you can use in your network - but there is a higher chance those domains are going to be a lot stronger.

Grump - If a lot of your PBN's have just been deindexed OR if a lot of sites you used PBN links on have been penalized/dropped in rankings, the 'Grump' tool should give you a rough idea why. It measures the activities in the algorithm on a daily basis to look out for anything out of the ordinary. If you see a huge amount of activity in 'Grump' and you realise your sites that you used PBN links on have dropped.. then there is possibly a connection between the two. Maybe a new update.. or a refresh.. or a core algo change.

Mozcast - Pretty much similar to 'Grump' but Mozcast is more well known.

99WebTools - A collection of some basic SEO tools (such as bulk DA/PA checker, live link checker, etc).


Social Signals For PBN/PBN Posts - In my opinion, PBNButler are probably the best on the market just now in terms of quality. You can send these directly to your PBN's or your PBN posts. Just be careful not to cause any obvious footprints. I am not affiliated with PBNButler so make sure you do your own due diligence before buying from them.

iWriter - Although I now have a full team for content writing on my PBN's, iWriter is a site I used a lot in the past. A nice to use interface and the quality of the content isn't too shabby!

Link Building - Send some links to your PBN sites! It would be sweet if you can get them ranking which brings in some nice organic traffic. Remember - the only way your PBN is going to last a long time is by making sure it feels like a real, legitimate site. I'm not telling you to go out and buy $200 SEO packages for each site you own. Instead, find a service that's affordable for you and build some links to your PBN.

Index Checker - Check if your PBN sites are indexed every now and then. If you're someone that has over 100 PBN sites, then you might want to use another index checker such as the addon on Scrapebox (that's what I use).

PBN Setup - If you cannot be bothered making the PBN sites yourself, get it outsourced! This guy charges $5 for a full Wordpress site with your typical Privacy Policy/Contact page, etc. For an additional $5, he'll also create relevant social media accounts for the site. That's $10 for a PBN site setup (most people on the market charge an average price of $30-40 per site). I have personally used this gig before for some testing and he did a fairly decent job for the price. But remember - you get what you pay for. Do your own due diligence before buying.

Copyscape - When you start ordering lots of content from your content writer, he might start getting lazy and start slacking. Use this to make sure the content he sends you is unique. I learnt this the hard way after placing a bulk order of 300 articles, only to find out that over 80% of them were duplicate.

FreePik - High quality vector/illustrations/images to use in your PBN posts.


Themelord - I sometimes use this to find nulled/premium Wordpress themes. It's not exactly practical to be buying a $50 theme for every website.. so this site does come in handy. Be sure to run the files through a virus scanner to make sure it's clean.

Mafiashare - Another site for nulled/premium Wordpress themes. If you don't find your desired theme on Themelord, give it a try on this site. Again, make sure to double check the files you've downloaded are clean. The last thing you want is a nulled theme caused the destruction of your entire PBN.

Ahrefs/SEMRush/Majestic For $5 - This is for those who don't want to pay the full price for Ahrefs/SEMRush/Majestic, etc. If you do decide to purchase this, take into consideration that the things you search for inside the account may be seen by others also accessing the account as its a "group share/buy" type service. For example, if you're doing some keyword research/domain research inside SEMRush, anyone else who has access to the account will also be able to see the things you did.

- Surprised? You shouldn't be. This is the best forum to learn anything related to PBN's. If you have a genuine, legitimate question, post a thread and I'm sure someone will help. There is literally so much content related to PBN's on this forum this year already (and it's only been 2 months since 2016 started!)

SumoMe - This is such an underrated plugin. With SumoMe, you can add in a social media sharing widget, email pop up, welcome bar, and all sorts. These widgets alone can make your site that extra bit more legit/genuine.. and it only takes about 30 seconds to set up.

MadMimi - A friend of mine told me about this. MadMimi allows you to add an opt in form to your site in literally seconds. Sign up for an account (they require no "activation" - so you get instant access to your account), create an opt in form with their template edit, copy your embed code and paste it into your Wordpress widgets section. In about 2 minutes from signing up, you'll have a beautiful and professional opt in form on your site. Again, these make your site that extra bit more real. There are other email marketing services on the market as you're aware (Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse, etc).. but MadMimi is by far the easiest and quickest in terms of signing up and embedding an opt in form to a site.

Remove/Edit Wordpress Default Footer - It still annoys me like hell whenever I see a PBN site that still has the "Powered By Wordpress" footer. Get it edited or removed!

Free Privacy Policy Generator - This is the one I use the most. I do like to mix it up though to avoid any sort of footprint - although it's not really a huge deal. There are thousands and thousands of sites using similar privacy policies and Google knows that.. so don't worry too much about using "similar" privacy policies on all your PBN's. However, just to be safe make sure to use a few other ones too.

Moat - This site allows you to find previously used banner images from advertising campaigns. Search for your niche/topic, find a few images and download them. You can then upload them to the sidebar of your website to give it that "genuine" feel. You won't need to add an OBL on the ad.

HootSuite - Manage all your social media accounts for your websites in 1 place. Update all your profiles with the click of a button. This can save you a lot of time, especially if you have 50+ PBN sites and you can't be bothered logging into each Facebook/Twitter/G+ to create a update/post.

- Don't let your PBN sites turn into a place for spam. If your PBN sites end up getting organic traffic, moderate your comments or disable comments. Don't let others take your juice.

Contact Form 7 - Easiest contact form plugin for Wordpress in my opinion. Takes 30 seconds to set up.

W3 Total Cache - Make sure your sites load as fast as possible.

Free Logo Creator
- Always add custom logos to your PBN sites wherever possible. This tool allows you to create some awesome logos in minutes. You can then just screenshot it and then remove the background/make it transparent using any decent photo editing software. Won't take you longer than 15 minutes for a logo. Get it done!

Wayback Downloads
- If you'd rather "restore" a site, then this may be perfect for you. Plug in the URL of the site you wish to restore, and that's it. However, it's not exactly "cheap" and I'd still prefer creating the sites fresh rather than restoring it from an archive.

Widgets - Some extra widgets you can add to your site in the sidebar to make it more genuine.

Free Logo - Quite self explanatory. Get a free logo (you actually get a pretty nice logo!)

That's it for my list. If I missed out any, feel free to leave a comment below with the name, link and a small description of what it does. Let's try and keep it PBN related! :)

Now onto the next section...



Oct 30, 2011
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This is something I did not want to share.

I've been using this / testing this for several months now and I know for a fact not everyone knows about these.

I was contemplating putting this in the Jr VIP section, but I thought I would post it here for everyone to benefit.

In fact, I actually had a BST/service with these Twitter accounts in the works.. although I probably won't release it now. If you see anyone selling these accounts anytime soon on BHW's marketplace, there's a high chance they're probably using this same method I'm about to explain or they just saw this thread and decided to capitalize on it by selling a service.

As you saw in the title, these are expired Twitter accounts with great metrics. You've seen expired Tumblr's, Weebly's, etc. This is just like those but with Twitter.

Check out the average metrics of the accounts in my inventory:




I know.. I know.. metrics don't mean much! But I'm just showing you anyway as I know a some of you are addicted with metrics and DA/PA/TF/CF, etc. However, the above were just average metrics. Most of the times, I usually go with strict filters (15+ TF/CF, 50+ PA and 20+ RD).

For example...



Some of you are probably thinking... "Do these even even work? These are no follow links.. it's not going to pass any juice..".

I was also under that impression at the start but I did some testing.

I started by sending these directly to a money site (I sent about 20 links twice), with unique descriptions and a fully customized Twitter profile. Did it do anything? Not much. A few increases here and there only.. it wasn't worth the time.

However, I then started using these to pump up/juice up my PBN posts. Results?

I first built some PBN links to a money site of mine. They were both fairly new sites but the PBN links managed to rank the site for both the keywords to #24 and #55. I then waited approx 45 days so that I could give the PBN links enough time to do their magic. I then found 20 Twitter accounts with the above filters I mentioned. Next was getting my VA to build the 20 accounts (this involved adding relevant profile picture, custom cover photo, URL in bio, custom bio and finally an unique tweet with the keyword wrapped inside along with the URL).

The results were interesting...


The keywords went from #24 to #10 and #55 to #14. If you guys read my other thread here, you'll know I also did some tests sending normal social signals to my PBN post pages and most of them improved. So which method is better?

Sending these high metric expired Twitter social signals OR sending a bunch of normal social signals to a PBN post page?

From the tests I had done, I couldn't find much of a difference between both. They both worked. However, which was easier? The easier option for me personally was simply buying normal social signals and sending them to a PBN post page. That was straight forward and I didn't have to spend time scraping anything like I do with the expired Twitter accounts.

At this point I was quite disappointed. I guess I was expecting more from these links. I then ran another test straight afterwards.

I decided to back to my original test where I sent 40 links to the money site directly. This time, I increased the numbers by 5x. I sent 200 of these links dripped out over 10 days. That meant 10 accounts/links per day.

To make the test 100% fair, I registered a brand new domain, added 500 words of decent content, a video and some social sharing icons/etc to make the site complete. I then scraped 200 expired Twitter's, all with the minimum metrics I mentioned above (15+ TF/CF, 50+ PA and 20+ RD).

You guys might be wondering.. "But how does Google know what your keyword is from the Twitter profile?". Well, they're smart enough in my opinion.

lightningblitz discussed this principle on his thread here.

Google doesn't really need to know exactly what your keyword is. They're a multi-billionaire dollar company. They're not stupid. As long as your content is unique, descriptive and naturally already has your keywords embedded inside, you should rank. This is the same approach we follow for my Genesis PBN service. Focus on quality content, add in your keywords intelligently, and the rest should work on its own once you build the links.


So, back to what I was saying - I scraped 200 accounts all with my minimum metrics. Last time I ran this test, the money site only moved up slightly but that wasn't acceptable for me. This time I increased the quantity of the accounts by 5x. I targeted similar competition keywords on a brand new domain. Everything was dripped for 10 days. It took a while for results but they finally started showing:

[brand new domain, so no previous rankings - 200 links split across 10 keywords - although the higher competition keywords got more links]


Okay.. now we're talking!

So I guess you need higher quantities of these links to get some results. I was still skeptical though. These links are no follow so how am I still getting results? These are like Wikipedia links so the trust value is there but the actual juice for results? It seemed "too good to be true".


I repeated the tests on a bigger scale with more accounts/links on brand new domains. All of these domains are targeting low-medium competition keywords. None of the keywords were considered hard.

Here are my results:

[brand new domain - no previous rankings]


^^ Yes, they might not be on Page 1 but I can easily get these ranked higher with some other link building afterwards.


^^ NOW WE'RE TALKING! I couldn't believe these rankings were real, so I triple checked using proxies and all sorts. It turns out I was actually ranking higher when searched manually! These keywords were low competition but they have the potential to do nice $$$ in a few months. I was #1 for several terms.. awesome! I didn't even need any PBN links, lol. Don't ask me what niche it is.


^^ Some more decent results. I could push these up further with other links later.


^^ Not too shabby!


I'm actually doing more tests as well at the moment but I don't have any concrete/solid data I can share for those just now. However, from all the tests and experiments I did, here are my suggestions:

  1. If you want to pump up/juice up your PBN posts, send some normal social signals towards them on a drip. Generally speaking, that should get things moving. Once that's done, give it a break and then send over these expired Twitter accounts on a drip. Make sure you drip them! This should get you moving up quite nicely.
  2. If you're looking to send these expired Twitter accounts direct to your money site - first of all, do it via a drip. Secondly, do a small test first with <50 accounts. Wait for results and scale your way up. From the things I've seen, these expired Twitter accounts do work - BUT it requires a higher quantity.
  3. If you decide to use the expired Twitter account method, try not to stress out too much about the PA. The PA is going to be quite high anyway as it's getting the juice from the root domain. Same with TF/CF.. don't worry too much about that. What you want to look out for is the RD and the quality of the backlinks that particular Twitter account has. I stick to a minimum of 10+ RD, but 5+ should be good enough too.
  4. When creating the expired Twitter accounts, make the pages look genuine. Don't make it look spammy. And when it comes to the tweet, you're limited to 140 characters. Make it to the point, descriptive, and make sure your main keyword is mentioned so that Google can "pick it up".
  5. Save the logins for your accounts. You might need them again in the future for other URL's.
  6. Don't expect to rank with JUST these expired Twitter accounts. Although I did see some evident results with them, not everyone is going to see similar results. My keywords were mainly low-medium competition.. so also take that into consideration. These expired Twitter accounts should be used to accompany your standard link building campaign (PBN's, web 2.0s, press releases, outreach and so on). Don't start relying on these because you're going to get frustrated pretty easily.
  7. Sometimes you just need to wait. These expired Twitter accounts are not going to bring in quick results. Sometimes, you might not even see any movement. It all depends on the quality of the account, your tweet and how optimised it is, your website/keywords and so on. Don't put all your eggs into a single basket just because you expect this technique to bring you easy results. It won't.
  8. These are somewhat similar to Wikipedia links. However, with Wikipedia links it's slightly harder to automate and scale it up in the hundreds. With Twitter, it's actually fairly straight forward once you know the process/route to take. However, be prepared to do a lot of work on the backend to get the perfect accounts scraped.
  9. You can use these expired accounts for almost anything. It doesn't have to be sent to your PBN posts/money sites. If you're creative with it, you can experiment with different things and find out what works best for you.
  10. With my scraping method, you don't have to just use Twitter. Again, if you're smart and creative enough, you'll think outside the box. Why stop with Twitter? Why not get some high metric, quality expired Instagram accounts, and so on? (although be careful with Instagram.. it's not exactly easy to create the accounts in bulk, especially if the URL on the profile is the same on many accounts).

Okay.. so now that I've explained what these are and what sort of results you can expect with them, you'd probably want to know how to get these expired Twitter accounts. Well, the method/process of scraping these is straight forward. However, scaling it up requires patience and time. I currently have several VPS' with several versions of Scrapebox just running for several hours a day scraping. This is how I'm able to find hundreds of quality accounts. However, even with a basic VPS and a single licence of Scrapebox, you should be able to find some gems! So, let's get straight into the tutorial for scraping these.


Scrapebox is needed. I'm actually in the middle of getting a custom scraper built just for this. It's in the works and once it's finished, I will probably share it with you guys here for free if there is enough demand for it. Either way, Scrapebox is cheap at just $67. This was one of the first SEO tools/software I bought and by far this is the most value for money.

1. Once you've opened up Scrapebox, go to the Harvester and add in "site:twitter.com". This tells Scrapebox to only harvest URLs that are from "twitter.com".

2. For the keywords, feel free to import your own keyword lists or generate some yourself using the built in Keyword scraper. The more keywords you have, the better your final scrape.. (but also remember - the more keywords you add in here, the longer your scrape). For the sake of this tutorial, I'm just going to quickly scrape some keywords.


3. Feel free to go hardcore with the keyword scraping. The better your keywords, the better your final results. For this tutorial, I've only put in a quick selection of keywords for the sake of time.

4. Once you have your keywords, you can click "Transfer Results to Left Side" and repeat the scrape again. You can keep doing this until you have a massive list of keywords. Once you're ready, save these keywords to your keyword list on Scrapebox and then exit the scraper. Now if we go back to Scrapebox, you should see your scraped keywords all ready and roaring to go. For this tutorial, I only have around 10K keywords - but I usually have a LOT more.

5. Add in your proxies (if any), and click "Start Harvesting". Select all the options you see on the left and you should have something that looks like this...


6. Click "Start" and let Scrapebox do it's thing.

7. Again, depending on your keywords, VPS/speed, proxies, etc - this step can take a while. I would recommend a VPS so that you can continue using your computer without everything being drained by Scrapebox. I usually scrape keywords for several hours until I have a massive list. And then I let it harvest for most of the day repeatedly.

8. Just for the sake of this tutorial, I'm going to cancel the harvesting session early. Once your session ends, head back to the main window and you'll see all the URL's you've just harvested. On the right, choose "Remove/Filter" and then choose "Remove Duplicate URL's". You should now see something that looks similar to..


9. In this case, I have over 20K Twitter URL's but you should be looking for at least 10x + this amount. You really need a huge list to make the most of this method.. which is why I would recommend a VPS.

10. Now open up the "Scrapebox Alive Check" addon. This is where we'll carry out the first filter to find the ones that are actually expired. Click on "Setup" and enter in "404".


11. Click "Load URLs" and then choose to load it up from the Scrapebox harvester. Now click "Start". Make sure to tick "Use Proxies" if that's what you want. You'll then see something like..


12. The "YES" means the Twitter account has expired and it's one you can register. However, we don't just want any old Twitter account. We want the accounts that have high metrics/authority/quality backlinks.

13. Once your filtering is complete, click "Export" and save the 404 accounts on your computer/desktop/wherever. Now you're almost done! All you have to do now is go to Majestic SEO's Bulk Backlink Checker and paste in all the Twitter URL's. I only did a very limited scrape.. but check out what I managed to find..




14. I know for a fact if I scraped for longer I would of easily found more accounts like the above. As I mentioned previously, the key is to scrape for as long as possible so that your final list when filtered is huge!

15. Manually save the good accounts into another file. If you'd like, you can run these accounts through Moz to see their PA. Usually they will be over 40 anyway but PA isn't really important. What you want are the accounts with good quality backlinks.


16. From this very quick scrape, I found about 10 really nice expired Twitter accounts. Usually I scrape for a lot longer on a lot more machines and that's how I'm able to find hundreds. So once you've done your necessary checks, save the accounts to a final file and you're done!

17. Now you just need to register them (you can also integrate/use Google Voice for creating your accounts). Once you've created your accounts, add in a profile picture, cover photo, add your URL to the bio, add a bio description and then write a descriptive 140 word tweet containing your keyword(s) and URL. Get a VA to do all of the above and you'll save a lot of time. As I mentioned above, the method of scraping these is pretty straight forward once you do it a few times and get the hang of it.

TIP: You don't have to send these Twitter's to your money site / PBN posts. You can use it for other stuff too! Just be creative.

18. Remember, this method I explain is for finding expired Twitter accounts. Think outside the box/be creative and you'll be able to find other pretty cool links too. All it takes is some creativity and the will to experiment with different things.

Scrapebox is such a powerful tool and there are endless possibilities with it. Think outside the box!



Oct 30, 2011
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Before you start reading this section, I would highly suggest you go over to t0mmy's parasite SEO thread over here.

Most of the stuff in this section is highly linked and related to t0mmy's thread ^^^ so it'd be a good idea for you to start there before reading the below.

As I mentioned earlier, I love doing churn/burn. I find it relatively easy, quick and straight forward. I don't have to worry about the longevity of a site and at the same time I don't have to worry about producing "white hat" links. I can go as black hat as I want. For most people, as soon as they hit their goal of reaching #1 - they stop and they move onto the next site/niche.

You're doing it wrong.

Why move to another niche when you can dominate your niche completely?

Check out this article here. According to the study (which was done in 2014 by the way.. so the figures have probably increased now!) 71.33% of searches resulted in a Page 1 click. The top 5 results account for just under 68% of all clicks. Here's a quick visual representation..


Just to clarify again.. the #1 position receives approx 31.24% of all clicks.

Positions #2 to #10 in total receive around 40.09% of all clicks.

Dominating Page 1 can get you 71.33% of all clicks.

What would you rather have?

31% or 71%?

Wouldn't you want to potentially triple your traffic? Of course you do.

This is why you should focus on dominating your niche once you rank #1 rather than moving onto the next.

Why, you ask?

  • This is SEO. There are competitors that'll pretty much do anything to get you off the SERP's. Let me give you a quick example. Okay, great, you've managed to hit the #1 position for your main keyword and you're now making $200/day. However, a week later your competition plays it dirty and you've now dropped down to Page 3 and you're making $1 every month. You're screwed. The solution? Dominate your niche. So now you've got 7 sites on Page 1 and in total you're making $500/day. A week later your competition plays it dirty and knocks your top site off the SERP's.. sure, you've lost revenue but you're still making some money. The extra sites you have ranked on Page 1 act as a back up. They act as a contingency. You can then go ahead and focus on hitting #1 again with a different site whilst your other 6 sites continue to make you consistent money on Page 1.

One of the tips I gave at the start of this whole thread was to scale everything up. This links back to that. Even if you're not ranking #1 yet, start to deploy other sites so that you end up controlling Page 1 for your keyword.

Unless your keyword has no authority sites ranking at all, it's going to be quite tough to dominate all 10 positions on Page 1. However, the key is to dominate most of it.

This is a site I have just now that dominates Page 1 for the main keyword.


As you can see, 7/10 of my sites are on Page 1 for the main keyword.

The keyword isn't that competitive which made my job slightly easier.. but in a few months this keyword will become very "commercial" and it's bound to easily do $X,XXX/day/site. Do you see the bigger picture now? Why rank 1 site on Page 1 when you can rank as many as you can and bank as much as possible.

The standard way of doing all this would be to just register a new domain, create a site and get it ranked. Rinse and repeat.

However, the slightly easier way of doing all this would be to use "parasites" (if you haven't already, read t0mmy's thread first over here).


I like to call these "leechers" instead.

Because they "leech" from the root domain.

I'm assuming by now you know what a "parasite/leech" is. If you don't know, READ T0MMY'S THREAD!

So instead of dominating Page 1 using brand new domains each time, we can do it with "leechers".

This saves us time messing around with themes, saves us money from buying domain names, and it just makes everything a lot easier in my opinion. Now, the method explained in t0mmy's thread with parasites still work.. but the only thing I would do different is the type of leecher sites you use. If you do a bit of research, you'll find that a lot of people have been using Amazon, Youtube, Moonfruit, Wix, sites.google.com, Weebly, etc as leecher sites... and there's nothing wrong with that.

However, in my opinion, the best results come from using leecher sites that not many people know about. Let me give you a quick example.


PRWeb.com ^^^​

I'm sure you all remember back in the day when everyone would use PRWeb as their leecher site. It worked excellent for a while until Google slapped their site in 2014. It's probably not the best of ideas to use PRWeb as your leecher today.

I could just write my list of unknown leecher sites I use as of this year, but that would be pointless. Why? Because everyone would just use them and the overall effect of the sites would gradually decrease. Instead, let me tell you how you can assess the quality and potential of a possible leecher site yourself.

1. The first thing to do is find the leecher site you want to use. In this case, for this example, I'll use dudamobile.com.

2. Head over to SEMRush and enter in the URL and hit "Search"

3. Click on "Organic Research" on the left and then make sure you're on the "Keywords" tab.

You should now see something like this..


As you can see, the graph here is increasing so that's a good sign for us. We can go ahead and use this as a leecher site.

Here are a few others you can check out/use (some of these require a bit of creative thinking to use them to their full potential)... I particularly like Strikingly and Imgur.


Keep an eye on the graph when you check different leecher sites. If you notice the graph is going downwards pretty significantly, then there's a high chance that particular leecher site is being abused.


Here are few of the more "common" ones that still work in my opinion:

  • Facebook (make sure to have a well designed cover photo that has your target URL on it)
  • Twitter (you can use the method I shared above to find some quality, expired Twitter accounts to use as leechers)
  • Instagram (again, you can use the method I shared above to scrape expired Instagram accounts)
  • Youtube
  • Amazon Product Pages (lightningblitz talks a bit about Amazon on his Jr VIP thread over here)
The key is to find leecher sites that hasn't been abused. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Dudamobile, Strikingly are excellent to use as leecher sites just now. I have a few more sites that I use which I'll share in the coming weeks once I've used them a bit more :).


So the first thing you'll need to do is create all your properties so that you're ready to begin your Page 1 domination. I personally like to have at least 3 domains/sites created in Wordpress myself and for the others I use leechers such as Facebook, etc. If you're using sites like Dudamobile and Strikingly, make sure to get plenty of quality content in there. Even though these are just leecher sites, we still want them to look genuine.

Add some quality content (1000+ words) and also add some images/OBL's/etc. Make the property feel somewhat genuine. The last thing you want is for your property to get removed due to it being too spammy/suspicious. Put some effort into making these pages look good!

Want to keyword stuff on the page? No problem, go for it. But do it smartly. If you read t0mmy's thread properly, then you'll remember the following statement:

"So pages on these sites can take a hammering of links and be ranked very quickly - some even in a few days, I shit you not! This simply isn't doable with a normal website in such a short time frame.

Forget the rule book here too, it's out the window! Normal SEO rules do not apply, you can fire mass links at these babies like a maniac, again you couldn't do this in most cases with a normal web property without setting off red flags. These sites are already online and thriving, they are free for you to use.. The costs here are your time in doing SEO and content if you are using a content based parasite like I will be showing you below."

So it doesn't really matter if you start keyword stuffing all over the place. Just make sure to do it somewhat naturally so that the page doesn't get removed by the moderation team. These sites can take more damage than your typical Wordpress sites.. so this allows us to have a bit more fun with these.

Once you have all your properties/leecher sites set up, send some social signals to them. This is something I usually do right at the very beginning for almost all my sites. It's just something that comes to me naturally and it should be something you should be doing naturally too. Social signals are the very first type of links most sites should be receiving once they've been created. Feel free to buy a gig on Fiverr if you'd like. I actually did a separate test/case study to see whether there was a difference in results when using fake/botted social signals as opposed to real social signals (I'll post that case study later once I do a bit more testing..) but from experience, fake social signals do the job fine too. These give your leecher sites that "viral" effect.

Once you've sent your social signals (feel free to just send them instantly - no need for any drips to be honest), it's time for the main phase - link building. I'm not going to talk too much about this - because lightningblitz has a pretty awesome thread that covers some nice strategies you can use - read that thread here. I would particularly use the URL shorteners method as that's quite straight forward and it goes hand in hand with leecher sites.

Here is one of the strategies I like to use.. (lightningblitz has already written very detailed versions similar to this strategy so it's worth checking them out too).

The below strategy isn't supposed to be "new" or "creative". It's a tried and tested "formula" that works. Period.


After I've sent the social signals, I immediately send out some quality PBN links from my network. The amount of links I send really varies based on the competition of the keywords/niche I'm going after - but for this example, let's just say I'll send 20 PBN links. I don't worry about metrics and all that. I just pick 20 solid domains from my network and I create posts on them linking to the leecher site. Anchors? I use my main money keywords that I want to rank for.

At the same time, I get some spammier type links in the works. This could be a Scrapebox or a GSA blast.. whatever. You're looking for a bit of quantity here as opposed to quality. URL shorteners also work well if you manage to build them in bigger numbers (you can get guys on Fiverr here who'll create 100+ shorteners for you). It would be good if your Scrapebox/GSA blasts were done using verified lists. Anchors? Go after generic anchors, URL variations, brand anchors and so on. Don't target your main anchors (you could... but I've been getting better results just leaving the main keywords out of this stage). Keywordshitter is a gem of a tool for finding hundreds of partials/longtails/variations of your main keywords.

So, just to clarify again:

  • Leecher site created
  • Social signals sent
  • PBN links sent to leecher site targeting main keywords
  • Scrapebox/GSA/contextual links/blast sent to leecher site targeting longtails/generics/branded/URL anchors
And then you can take it a step further by pumping up your Scrapebox/GSA blast with more links (trackbacks, blog comments, etc - go insane with this if you want - target just brand/URL variations).

Sounds pretty simple? That's because it is.

I guarantee if you do the above and your keywords aren't super competitive, you will see results.

Based on the type of results you see, you can then go out and repeat the process again but with more links. This means more PBN links, a bigger contextual blast and so on - until you reach your desired positions. Most of the juice is going to come from the PBN links so make sure to get some quality links there. You could probably get away with ranking these leecher sites with just the Scrapebox/GSA blasts.. but I've never really had that much success with that route.


This follows on from the above strategy. The above process works quite well for low-medium competition keywords, but if you're going after a really tough keyword then you'd probably need to play it more dirty.

The easiest way would to be send more PBN links to each leecher site. Buying PBN links may not be the most cost effective, especially if you're planning to create several leecher sites. Instead, create your own PBN. I know to a lot of you this is "too much work" but if you're serious about ranking the big money keywords (that do $X,XXX-$XX,XXX/day) then you really need to invest some money into building your arsenal.

The truth is - I really doubt you're going to rank for a keyword that makes mid $X,XXX/day using a $250 BHW package. It doesn't work like that or else everyone would be killing it in every niche. You need to play a bit dirty and that requires more work. If you don't want to do more work, then don't go after insane niches. I get countless amounts of people adding me on Skype weekly asking for advice on how to rank. When I ask them what their keyword is, they reply with something like "making money online" or "buy instagram followers". And then when asked for their SEO budget, they say under $300/m. I immediately block them because they simply don't deserve anyones time or advice. Be realistic. If you don't have the necessary budget or resources to rank for tough keywords, then start with something easier.

If you don't want to go down the PBN route, then an alternative would be to build lots of quality Web 2.0s and pump them up. Emitesh (7thamigo) provides a brilliant service for Web 2.0s. I usually create "custom" packages with him so if that's what you want, give him an add on Skype and I'm sure he'll help you out. Once you have a bunch of Web 2.0s made, just pump it up. Again, social signals, contextual blasts, etc - (remember to target only branded anchors, URL variations and so on with the "pump up" links).

If you don't want to go down the Web 2.0s route, then try this. Find any decent, aged domain. It doesn't matter what you choose as we'll only be using this to pump more spam/force to it. Feel free to use any domain marketplace to find an aged domain - Godaddy, Namecheap, Sedo, Snapnames, whatever. Filter the domains you have by price if you're looking to find the cheapest one. Once you have a couple potential domains, find out how old they are. Here's one I found...


The key is to find an aged domain. Anything from 5+ years is good enough in my opinion, although you could probably get away with 3+ years as well. Once you've purchased the domain and got the hosting sorted out, go ahead and edit the .htaccess to block all bots/crawlers. You could do this using plugins as well, but .htaccess is probably the easiest, "traditional" way of doing it.

Once you've done that, go ahead and do a .301 redirect to your leecher site. You're now ready.

Now all you need to do is follow the same sort of "process" as you did with the link building before. Go ahead and spam the shit out of this domain. The boundaries for you to experiment are endless. The pretty cool thing with churn/burn sites and leecher sites is that you have more freedom to experiment with different strategies and tricks.

Even though the above 2 methods work, I would still throw in some PBN links into the mix. Most of your stronger/quality power is going to come from PBN links and that can make a huge difference to ranking your leecher sites. If you don't have the funds to invest in a PBN/PBN service, then you could get away with using SAPE/other high PR networks/foreign networks.



  1. Once you've cracked Page 1 positions for your site - instead of moving onto the next niche, start deploying more sites/leecher sites in the same niche. Dominate Page 1 so that you're absorbing the most traffic possible.
  2. Leecher sites/parasites work great for this. Build a bunch of leecher sites and then experiment with them using spam/other shady tactics and techniques.
  3. Watch your rankings grow and soon you'll own most the sites on Page 1. What does this mean for you? More traffic, more conversions, more eyes on your sites and ultimately - more $$$.
The thing about leecher sites is that sometimes you need to "maintain" the link building. For example, Scrapebox or GSA contextual blasts don't last forever. The links are bound to get removed/lost in a month or 2 and that means you need to create new ones so that the "momentum" is still there. Don't get lazy. Maintain your leecher sites just like you would maintain your money sites.

So... next time you crack the #1 spot for your keyword - stop for a second and think.

If you can crack #1 and make solid money, why not take up all the other spaces on Page 1 too? Dominate your niche and reduce the risk! Be a boss! :cool:



Oct 30, 2011
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I'm sure many of you have faced this problem before. I did and it was getting quite frustrating because it seemed to happen to me quite frequently. I would build a site, get it ranked and after a few weeks the rankings looked like this...


(this above site is actually a friend of mines - in the "fitness/training" niche)

The keywords were medium-hard competition. Targeting .co.uk.


Let me quickly summarize my friend's site. The site is based on "fitness/training". He usually adds a bunch of high quality articles every week relating to training/staying fit (nutritional advice, workouts, supplements, etc). It's sort of like an authority site but the only thing is that it's not quite an "authority" yet.

He's been making some decent money through Amazon and affiliate, but he wanted to branch out and do something else. Because his site was an upcoming "authority" site, it meant people could trust the information he posted. It also meant that trust could eventually be converted into $$$. He was already doing this on a small scale using Amazon's affiliate system and by adding in affiliate links into his supplements articles and so on.

However, he wanted to try something new. He came to me with an idea. He was going to create separate pages on his site that would correlate to a city in the UK. For example: domain.com/london-personal-training (just an example). He told me he spoke to a leading personal training company in *(city)* and they had agreed to a % commission on all leads that ended up converting. He had the potential to make up to 100 ($150) for each lead that converted. So he came to me for help.. and me being the nice person I am, I agreed.


So - the goal was to rank domain.com/city-personal-training onto Page 1 to get some leads. Those leads were then sent over to the company he partnered with and he was to receive a commission for any conversions on those leads.

The "personal training" niche isn't exactly easy - especially in huge cities like London, etc.


However, everything was going fine until I reached Page 2. I managed to get 2/10 keywords on Page 1.. but there were still 4 keywords that kept fluctuating between #15 to #17. It was getting quite annoying because I did everything I could "off page". And it was even more annoying because those 4 keywords were quite big.

I built all sorts of links, waited with the utmost patience, tried all sorts of experiments but nothing would push these keywords over to Page 1. The results on Page 1 were quite authoritative/aged so I figured that would explain the delay in rankings, but it got to the stage where I was waiting far too long to see movement. Something wasn't right and it was getting frustrating because normally I'm able to rank my own keywords to Page 1 relatively easily.

Not only that but I kept getting messages from my friend asking when he was going to hit Page 1. That was also annoying.

TIP: Don't do SEO for your friends or family, lol.

I ended up asking for advice/suggestions to a few SEO friends I had on Skype, and most of them gave me different answers. However, out of all those answers, there was 1 that really stood out and I thought it could work. He also sent me a link to an article on a blog which explained his suggestion in more detail, and I figured I could try it out.

A few weeks later and here are the results...



Managed to get those 4 "stuck" rankings to #5, #2, #10 and #3.

First thing I did was phone up my friend and before I could even tell him the good news, he told me how he's now getting an increased amount of leads already. Long story short, he was happy and I was happy (plus, I think he's making a handsome XXX/week now).


There were 2 things I learnt.

  1. Never do free SEO for your friends/family.
  2. How to get "unstuck" for rankings you can't seem to budge.
So, what exactly did I do?


As I mentioned at the start, the site was primarily based on "fitness/training".

There were already hundreds of quality articles posted all covering various topics...

  • diet management
  • supplements
  • workouts
  • reviews
  • recipes
  • training videos
  • q/a weekends (he would answer any questions submitted by the readers)
  • etc
So in terms of content - there was plenty of it. Lots and lots of high quality content. I also made sure he had a very clean, detailed and presentable landing page for the page we were going to rank.

In the end, the page (domain.com/city-personal-training) had 2000+ words of content, plenty of images and videos and most of all - it genuinely looked better than all the other sites on Page 1 for "*city* personal training".

After reading the answer/post my SEO friend referred me to, I realised I was looking at the problem in the wrong way. Instead of focussing on "off page" factors, I should have been more focussed on correcting the problem "on page".

Make sense?

Let me explain.

The solution to my problem was pretty simple. Create "topic relevance". I had to establish topic relevance in relation to that landing page.

Don't get me wrong - my friend's site had plenty of content - but none of those articles were "relevant" to the city he was trying to rank domain.com/city-personal-training in. In other words, even though he had lots of quality content on the site and a very well structured/written landing page for the city he was targeting - there was no other content on the site that established relevance.

In Google's eyes, the site was mainly based on "fitness/training" and Google also saw that there was a very well made landing page for personal training services for the particular city. However, that was it. There was no other content on the site that Google could have linked to the landing page to establish relevance.

All I had to do was create "pillar articles" to support the main topic. In this case, I had to create extra content which was based on/around the landing page. For example.. if the landing page was domain.com/london-personal-training and my keyword was "london personal training" - I would go out and create several articles specifically related to "london personal training". I would then contextually add a link inside those articles to the landing page, thus creating relevance.

This might sound quite "simple" to a lot of you but after doing a bit more research afterwards, I realised quite a lot of people miss this very simple concept. Many people these days complain about not being able to rank despite building every link possible. However, at the end of the day the solution may actually be as simple as adding a few relevant articles on your site and then contextually linking it to your target page to establish relevance.

I created a quick illustration to explain this very "simple" solution..

This is the structure of the site before:


This is the structure afterwards:



I hope this isn't too confusing. It's pretty much similar/identical to silo'ing your site.

  1. Start by creating at least 10 posts, each containing quality content of at least 500 words. Use images and videos where possible. The main purpose of these posts is to establish relevance but try to make these posts look good so that if a reader was to stumble upon them, it'd provide value.
  2. For example, if our target landing page was domain.com/london-personal-training and our main keyword was "london personal training", we'd need to make these 10 posts directly related to "london personal training". That's how you'll be establishing relevance. Don't talk about "how to get a 6 pack" because that's not creating any relevance to the target landing page.
  3. On each of those 10 posts, add a contextual link to your target landing page. Make sure the anchor you use is also relevant. For example, in this case, I could use "london personal training", "personal training london", "personal training in london", "london personal trainer", etc as anchors.
  4. You can also interlink the posts so that you're also linking to the other "london personal training" posts you've created, thus improving your internal linking AND establishing/strengthening the relevance.
  5. Get these 10 posts indexed (which shouldn't be a problem anyway). Once indexed, you can build some links to those posts if you'd like but it's not really necessary.
Give it a few days/weeks for your posts/pages to be recrawled (or you can force it inside WMT) and then wait a few weeks. Feel free to build some links in the meantime to your target page (in this case, the landing page) and you should see those rankings finally starting to move.

You don't need to create "exactly" 10 posts. You can make more/less but it's probably a good idea to have at least 10 to establish relevance firmly.

These extra posts act as a "reference" for your landing page. Next time Google sees your landing page, it'll also see that there are 10+ relevant articles linking to it, thus establishing that relevance. Those articles are "supporting" this landing page.

"Relevancy" is only 1 of the hundreds of ranking factors. I can't "guarantee" this method will finally help you "unfreeze" your rankings, but it's definitely something you should be doing if you aren't already.


Again, I know this section might have sounded extremely simple/basic/"noobish" to a lot of you.. but I can guarantee most people don't spend much time on their internal linking structure/relevancy. The point of this section/topic was: just because you've covered the basic "on page" factors and you've built every single link out there - doesn't mean you're going to rank easily. Most of the times our problems are usually due to very simple solutions, and in this case, I completely missed the part about establishing relevance. I assumed that because the site already had plenty of quality content, ranking that landing page would have been fairly straight forward. It was.... until I reached Page 2. Here, I learnt that internal relevancy/trust was important in this case to move this site over to the 1st page.

Do you have a page just now that you're trying to rank and you're struggling? If you don't already have relevant "supporting" articles contextually linking to your target page, then go out and create them! Make sure you create these supporting articles on your site and not using Web 2.0s or whatever. It needs to be on your domain. Give it a few days and see if that does anything :).

Once again, I know this section might not have been that useful to a lot of you, but this is something that had me going crazy for a few weeks. I'm glad I finally found the "solution" and I'm glad that the solution was rather straight forward. :cool:


Oct 30, 2011
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To be completely honest, this thread took a lot longer than it should have. Mainly because I ended up losing some of my time due to other projects I was invested in. However, hopefully I have more time to create more threads like this in the future.

Apologies for any typos/spelling mistakes/grammatical issues. I did go over everything a few times and I corrected a few mistakes but I'm pretty sure I missed some errors.

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help to the best of my abilities so just let me know.

Please don't PM me with your questions / add me on Skype with your questions. You probably won't get a reply as I receive far too many messages like those on a daily basis. Please keep everything on this thread and I promise I'll get back as soon as I can.


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Epic. I need a pint of Ben and Jerrys and a cigarette after that one.


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woah... that's alot of stuff! thanks for sharing :)


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RIP my shares. I was JUST complaining about only t0mmy and Greg sharing a lot of 'really useful' stuff recently and here comes Leith with the one two (Social Signals and this) to knock me on my ass.

Great share mate. Quality stuff for each section. Dare I say it, I actually learned something.


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Anyone make a PDF of this? I'm kinda worried this will disappear :O


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Thank you Leith. Awesome share! It took a while for me to digest all of these, but still I learned something new. Kudos!