5+ resources to help you find your next domain!

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    What's up BHW?

    I'm a domain addict and consequently a domain hoarder as well.

    Here are some of the resources I use everyday to help me find the best domains!
    Some are more known than others.

    I like this site a lot because it's fast and has a nice, clean design.
    You type in the name of the domain you want and it lists that name with all of the different extensions alongside smooth graphics telling you what is/isn't available.

    This site is cool because you enter your keyword and it spits out a ton of different domain ideas for your site.
    Say your niche is 'travel'. You type that into the keyword input and out comes 400+ domain suggestions.
    A result might be 'MagnetTravel.com' or 'ViperTravel.com'.

    There are other sites that can do the same thing as this site, but this is the one I like.
    DomCop lists domains expiring soon and has a nice UI. Sort of cluttered, but it works.
    The only thing that sucks is that you have to make an account to get access to some of the extra search filters.
    I find it easier to sort through the different filters using this site than others like expireddomains.net.

    Don't buy a domain without looking over it's history. You don't want to buy a trashed domain that was dumped for a reason.
    This site lets you see what a domain looked like on a particular day in the past.
    Hopefully you've heard of this site and use it, if not definitely start asap.
    It'll help a lot and save you time and money in the long run.

    This site basically lets you stalk (I wish I was kidding) whoever owns the domain unless the registration is/was set to private.
    A lookup includes the owner, name servers, owner address, owner email, and many other different stats and info.
    If you find a domain you want that's already taken this tool can help you get in touch and maybe purchase the domain.

    This is a really simple website that lets you check if a domain is banned by Google.
    It looks old, ugly, and outdated but it gets the job done.
    You can still buy a banned domain and request Google to remove the ban,
    but I normally just avoid these because a ban is usually a good sign that particular domain isn't your best choice.
    Plus, getting a domain unbanned (for me at least) has generally been a pain in the ass.

    Hopefully these sites will be of help to you now or in the future!

    If I missed any other good resources, let me know below.
    (include a link to the site and quick blurb explaining it like I have above if you can)
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    domcop is my favorite, great interface. easy to explore