5 Great Apps That Help Affiliate Marketers

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    If you are new in the world of affiliate marketing, it is important to be equipped with all the knowledge that you can possibly muster. But then again, your brain can only take in so much information and hi-falutin terms. If you need that one extra push to help you out as an affiliate
    marketer, downloading some of the greatest apps that other affiliate marketers out there also use will do just that and so much more.

    Although most likely already built in on your smart phone, it is important to have a quick and easy option to access Google because this is your one stop shop for all the information you will need and all the tips that you can get when it comes to affiliate marketing. Other than this, Google allows you to access your spreadsheets, open PDF files, edit documents, and check your emails with a single click. Since there?s probably a good chance that you?re going to use GDocs, Gmail and so much more, why not have the quick access on your phone already? Google has made their websites very user friendly and easily accessible on mobile platforms.

    As an affiliate marketer, it is important to always be in the know when it comes to the trends in the industry. The Reeder app will give you a first access to RSS feeds that are crucial to your work. By clicking on the links, you can also redirect it to your Twitter account for easy reading and instant promotion. Not to mention, the RSS feeds you will be getting are right on the dot. So by now, you probably already have a handful of blogs that you enjoy reading. Instead of reading them through your phone browse, this app will allow you to read every blog as it updates. Now, you don?t have to worry about clicking back and forth on your browser, waiting for every single website to load.

    As an affiliate marketer, it is important to take great advantage of the different social marketing sites that can help promote and market your business. Specifically, the use of Twitter has been said to be an effective tool for affiliate marketing. So without having to access it daily or by the hour, through the use of HootSuite, you can have a line-up of posts that can be sent to your Twitter account at a particular time. Also, through this app, you can monitor your account?s statistic reports. As you can see, this is a huge app to consider if you??re a fan of marketing on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. If you don?t have this app downloaded on your phone, you really do have to try it out!

    SEO Pro
    SEO Pro is your one stop shop for everything. This includes an easy access to the rankings of various websites (yours or the competition), backlink statistics, and other statistic reports that are crucial to the success of your affiliate marketing strategies. For those (like me) that love to constantly monitor rankings, this is a fantastic app to show you exactly where your website is at any given moment. Not only that, you can research competitors and so much more. This is a great app for those that can?t bring their laptop or desktop around with them and you want to get work done on the go, such as at an airport, on the airplane or while riding the taxi throughout town.

    SEO Ranking
    Since SEO is crucial to affiliate marketing, it is important to have a quick and convenient way to find and use the best keywords for your websites. Through SEO Ranking, you will be able to look into the top and highly searched keywords for different niches and get some idea from them to use as part of your marketing tools. Like SEO Pro, this app is just a pinch better because it offers more in terms of details and your rankings. Again, if you?re a fan of monitoring your rankings, you should definitely give this app a go.

    There are many other applications that you can use and download to help you become the best and most effective affiliate marketer out there. Without having to feel discouraged, it is a fact that this business involves tedious competition but if you are armed with the proper knowledge that you need, the desire to make a difference, and the best apps that you can use, then you?re definitely all set and ready to go. Remember, most of these apps are free and if you?re constantly on the go without your desktop, why not download these apps to make yourself productive while away from the office?
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    This must be your fourth or fifth post where you are copying and pasting articles and in your other posts you are trying to pass them off as your own work.

    You are even copying them all from the same site!