5 Google Wave Invites for BH tool writers


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Dec 6, 2008
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Hello BHW Members,

Today, I have 5 google wave invites that I will be awarding to five BHW members that fit one of, or all of the following criteria:

* Have written a successful blackhat tool or script in the last 90 days.

* Server side script writer.

* Created a marketing tool/script/macro.

* Created a facebook application.


Providing a link or an example of your work will help in the selection process.

I will announce the winner(S) on this thread. I'm obviously looking to collaborate with the winners via Google Wave on a project that I would like a decent estimate on.

I have reserved 1 invite for the members that don't fit the above criteria but if you leave a short summary of how you will use GWAVE and how it will help your IM efforts. The best summary will be awarded the reserved invite.

Rep + Thanks appreciated.
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Hey iNinja, exactly which three have you done, so that I'm not Waving with 4 members with the same skill set.
* Have written a successful blackhat tool or script in the last 90 days.

* Created a marketing tool/script/macro.

* Created a facebook application.
I Have Done Three Of The Above...

I have seen your contributions, and pleased to announce that you will be one of the finalist. After all selectee's have been announced I will be sending out all the invites at the same time.
it's not worth it google wave is shit it's all hype and wtfs going on with people on this forum how many threads are there on google wave?
Wow what a detailed review, you really pointed out the reasons it's shit to you. If it's shit to you, why don't you give away invites so that members can make their own opinion? Always some flametroll lurking with idiotic reviews of products 1)They don't know how to use or 2) Too Dumb to think outside the box.

I can't fathom a tool for live collaboration of a document being "shit". Im sure there's other tools out there that can do the same thing but what platform is it on and do they have the web presence of google behind it? Please go and flame another thread with your useless post's or go back to DP where you belong with your goldfish I.Q.

Im not awarding invites for shits and giggles, Im clearly utilizing the application for what it was built for, LIVE Collaboration.
Please No more useless replys, there's a million other threads you can go flame.
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USE the search button guys. There are a lot of threads giving out google wave invites even instant invite links...
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