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£5/$8 or Free Case for help on Ebay

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by handmade13, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. handmade13

    handmade13 Newbie

    Dec 31, 2013
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    I have an account on ebay with over 10000 feedback and have been selling now seriously for around the last year, I need help from as many people as possible. Now with ebay best match algorithm its really difficult to gain views other than mass listing ( if you have big limits ). I have paid for high quality product photography and i am selling a high quality product in a high demand category. Ive listed many different ways, long descriptions, short descriptions, buy it now, goods till canceled, auctions, best offer and none are certain to provide views. The listings that some how do gain visibility and then sales seem to be random and have no identifying unique feature compared to listings that do not gain visibility.

    The facts are that sales are always the best way to drive yourself up the rankings however its hard to get sales from only 5-15 views especially when you sell a high end product, although the view per buy ratio is still good and theres lots of demand the cheaper products will always sell more despite the fact they of a lower quality. Instead of me having to list 3000-4000 listings I would much prefer to have 20-30 listings which receive the same amount views and therefore sales, its easier to handle, re-list and control over all. i already know its possible as I have 2 listings which have achieved this high visibility already, they have been selling consistently since january and have maintained there position in search ranking. i have more products now equally as good if not better than the products that are in these high ranked listings and I would like to get these new product listings as high as the others.

    So what I would like people to do is buy off these listings from a link i send you, you can buy in 2 ways. ( YOU ARE NOT ACTUALLY BUYING ANYTHING, THIS WONT COST YOU ANYTHING INFACT IT WILL COST ME ALOT IN FEES )

    1. you can commit to buy and then I will mark the item as paid for buy cash, cheque or credit card. ( you don't pay anything but the transaction is complete and I have to pay my ebay fees )
    2. If you have a genuine paypal/ebay account that you use regularly I will send you the money upfront to your paypal and you can actually buy using instant payment with the money I send you.

    I don't need any feedback from you but I can give you feedback.

    For this help I can do one of 2 things for you.

    1. send you £5/$8
    2. Send you one of my actual products for free which are high quality full grain leather phone cases. I have a large range for over 40 different phone models so chances are I should have your phone model.

    Once i have sent you the link and/or money it should take you 30 seconds. If anyone is interested please message me or respond to the post especially if its something you think should be public.
    Also if anyone actually does do this for me i may ask you to do it again from time to time and it will always work the same, i will send you a link, you buy in one of two ways and then you can get paid or a get free case.