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48h Mobile App Challenge

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by johnnyd77, May 6, 2013.

  1. johnnyd77

    johnnyd77 Senior Member

    May 6, 2011
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    Hi guys.

    I'm presently in a big mobile project as we speack. We're 2 guys in the team - 2 business man- and we're looking for a GREAT mobile dev.

    To find our man/woman, i'm going to organise a 48h challenge, which basically consist of building the craziest app in 48h, a little bit like in the movie ''Social Network''. That way, we'll be able to see who got the best skills. The winner of the challenge will get a free Ipad. Of course, we will provide beers and pizzas for everyone.

    Benefit for me :

    finding the dev I need
    building my network

    Benefts for dev :

    Having the opportunity to get in a freekin big project
    Building their own network
    Having the opportunity to show who's got the biggest balls

    Now i've got a few questions for some of you guys.

    1. Is 48h enough to build something decent? (remember that i'm the worst techy guy ever, so I dont know much concerning that)

    2. Have you ever participated in that kind of event ? It could be as promoter or as a dev

    3. If so, what did you like/ did you not like ?

    4. How many hours straight could a dev work?

    5. Except a good internet connection, beers and pizza, what else do I need in term of materials ?

    6. I want to announce that the apps created will remain my property. What do you think about that ?

    Thanks in advance for sharing your thought guys.

    Best regards,