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Apr 15, 2017
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AIM: To make maximum amount of money in 48 hours.


I just registered a reddit account and quora account.

Will be using an older Facebook account too (new one will just get banned so I thought of using this coz I will spam some groups)

What am I doing?
I am in Malaysia (on vacation), so I can only use my phone. Answering to forums, and question answer sites will do good for me Imo.

I have already found a few forums, subreddits and questions to answer. (Around 100+ questions)

I will try to answer them all !

I will use impact radius offers to monetize. Lets see if I can make some money out of this.

If not, I will just use the current answers for backlinks in future for my niche sites.

It's a win win!
Im vote for you! If there is voting ;)
Good luck anyway!
So a new trend on here now, everyone doing 48hr journeys?
Will you work on street corner to make most money?
Update: checked quora, 4 out of 6 answers have been collapsed/deleted.

I didn't even include any affiliate link in 2 answers. I guess I will need a aged quora account for this to work.

8 comments and 3 posts on Reddit. Going strong :)

No sales yet...

Will start posting on forums tomorrow.

I might do reddit more than quora now or answer the ranked keywords only. Lets see.

Tired af now. Will check again tomorrow.

Best of luck dude!

Thank you :)

48 hours I like it!

Following along, good luck!
Thank you. I read your answer on some dude's post today. Where you said you buy a dummy book before starting into a niche.

That's freaking awesome :D

Keep us updated, GL!

Thank you :)
You should enjoy your vacation and work when you are at home :)

Edit: I now see that this is an old post, but still, people shouldn't work on their vacation.
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