400+ Word Articles (Rewritten Or Not)


Oct 11, 2009
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I need at least 400 words and I pay starting at 1-2$ per article but you have almost free range of any topic. This is perfect for any students who wish to submit work they have already completed.

This is how it works: You email me your article (e-mail is found at the end of the post). I review it and make an offer. You can accept the offer and once payment is made you hand over 100% of the rights to the article. If you deny the offer there is a slight chance of bargaining but most likely I will delete the article from my hard drive and you keep 100% of the rights to the article.

You can start submitting articles to me right away. I pay through pay-pal, after you have accepted the offer. You can submit me the articles through e-mail, or if you have a different preference let me know. Offers are usually made within a week of you having submitted the article. Please make sure articles have not been published elsewhere and once I send you the payment I have full rights to the article. Until payment has been made the article is still 100% yours.

Include an eye-catching title. I recommend putting key words into the beginning of the title for maximum payment. Also scatter key words through out the article. Also include a very brief summary. Around 100 words at most; could even be one sentence. Lastly, make sure the article has sufficient sources, is at least 400 words, and please put spaces instead of indents between paragraphs. Any style of citation is fine with me but I prefer you list your used sources as you use them (in-text citations).

Michael won the race in 2009. (source) Shelby placed second by the end of the competition. (source 2).

If that format is too difficult a simple citation set off at the end of you writing will be fine:

Works Cited Smith, John. Title. City, State: Publisher. Date.

I'm looking for articles related to thanksgiving/christmas recipes or traditions, advice on Christmas presents, health and wellness, or educational articles. I'm especially fond of historical or literature comparative essays. Any informative articles that offer advice or tips to common day problems will be very useful, such as "how to get your dog to stop eating its poop". You can email me the articles as a .doc, .docx, or .wps attachment.

If you are interested or have questions please contact me via e-mail: [email protected]
Seems to me like you want to submit these articles to Associated Content, get them reviewed by them, reap the profits of our articles because it's a topic on demand and give us jack squat for our efforts. Prove me wrong. We're not stupid.
Ekdoe, now you've given other people ideas -- no one will even bother to bite his offer. :D
The the OP. you do realize that most people here have already milked AC and are still doing it. so they know exactly how it works. Trust me man...if you wanna hire people for those rates..either go to a place where people dont know what AC is (read: DP) or hire students offline. This aint gonna happen here.
whats wrong with people? if someone wants articles, be it for AC or not, why ask questions? If you can supply supply otherwise why dont you just mind your own fuckin business and fuck off? I hate newbies, they do this every time.
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