4 SEO Myths That Still Exist Today. Let's BUST 'em now!

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    I'd like to bust some SEO myths that I have seen here and there.

    Link building is dead

    This worked up when Google's John Mueller stated link building is something he'd "try to avoid."

    Nothing has changed! Search engines use link authority and anchor text signals heavily in their algorithms. Link building will not go anywhere!

    This is just a Google's propaganda to stop web spam, because it works so well.

    Just emulate the natural link profile and you'll be fine!

    You can't rank without content

    Content quality is certainly one of the many ranking signals but that doesn't need you can't rank without it. You can but it might take more effort!

    You need links from niche relevant sites

    If you look at the natural link profile you see that most links don't come from relevant sites. Building relevant links can get you a little boost but that's not the magical thing to get you on top, like it's advertised on most SEO marketplaces.

    Content is king

    Content is just one factor among many. Great content is no guarantee of rankings because there is no way for Google to know what quality means. Google can only look at the links and site activity of each page on the web to figure out what is the most popular.
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    I agree with you on all 4 points. However, if you have good and high quality content and lot's of high authority links you'r website will ranker better and faster compared without content!