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4 or 5 Separate Products vs. 1 with hefty sized bonus'?

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by CEPI, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. CEPI

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    May 15, 2009
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    Business Turn Around & Management Consultant
    I am in the midst of writing an ebook that I would like to make a CB product someday soon, it is somewhat of an all encompassing social strategy guide for like the 18yr old nerd-snap all the way up to the newly divorced 47 year old who wants to date girls in their 20's. I'm sure a lot of people would use the information in other demographics as well. I am at somewhat of an impasse currently. Right now I am debating (here asking actually) since there are 4 somewhat distinct moving parts, each part having multiple chapters, is it better, for CB purposes, to have 4 or 5 separate products with some weak bonus for each, or just a massive packaged item with like 2 or 3 equally massive bonus'?

    The product, as a whole, engages in advancing socially and building confidence and contacts. I have been an event/club promoter before, read the 2 major ebooks I've seen that exist they miss MAJOR portions so I am doing my own the right way. Ran some promo girls before myself (we'll call it that) and read the stripperbizplan, "decent" info but mainly repeats and fluff turning 15 pages of real info into 65. I have used the promoter portion of my skills to also engage in employment networking events rather than nightlife and YES you can make a TON of money doing that so I have a huge portion about employment recruiting and how to make money. Then also a major portion about how to approach males and females with confidence for any reason business or personal with confidence and without fear of rejection. I thought of some bonuses and one big one is just a bullet point idea list of "how to make money just by knowing people" Also contact management and followup, how to say "no" without using lies or excuses but still keep your friends, why promotion biz works about 500% better for women and why you absolutely need a woman business partner, tips on using the web to boost your "offline" presence as well...on and on.

    Bottom line is that I could obviously wrap these all into some 400 page book with chapters, subchapters, etc. I was wondering if it is better to do ONE big book and some hefty bonus features, or like 3 or 4 separated books with weaker bonuses? ie. targeting a broader keyword with a more expensive package, or tighter keywords and markets with cheaper products? Any feedback is appreciated!