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    I have the following:

    - Site A: A subdomain.domain.info ranking for a very competitive keyword (more than 6.700.000 searches in Google) ranking number 5 in Google. It is not aged (less than a year). Neither the subdomain nor domain have my keyword in it (I did not try at first to rank for this keyword because it was too much broad. Google Backlinks 5 and Yahoo 868. Pagerank 0.
    - Site B: I have bought an aged PR4 .com domain It was created 5 years ago and it han't been dropped. It hasn't my keywork in the domain. No backlinks.

    My competitors are not well SEOed for the keyword. I have much more links, and also quality links (from PR4-6 pages) all of their backlinks are PR0 from profiles forums and referrers sites.

    The only factor I cannot outrank is the age~trust of the domain. but I think the only difference is that they are aged domains (3 years old) with a PR2.

    Now I wonder:

    Is it worth to set up a 301 redirection from Site B to Site A? Is the PR passed through?
    Or perhaps should I set the redirection from Site A to Site B? Then I suppose I could loose some of the backlinks juice.

    What do you think about this? I am very new in this theme and I'm afraid loosing my ranking in Google. I could try it and test but this site is earning $4000/month and I don't want to risk it.