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    So I understand the basics of 301s but wonder if anyone can comment on a couple of thoughts I've had?

    • I was thinking of registering some tld name or other and using it as a main 'feeder' for a number of money sites for backlinks (from, say scrapebox), as in TLDdomain/links_to_site_01.html (obviously not with that page name) then TLDdomain/links_to_site_02.html etc etc

    • Would this be a good way to organise ever so slightly grubby spammed links, or is it better just to stick with web 2.0s and an SeNuke-type setup?
    I suppose what I'm rambling on about is... should keep the crap side of my linkbuilding away from the pretty side, and is this a good way to do it?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts
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    I have been interested in this myself. I recently 301 redirected a domain with 200 backlinks to a new website. it went up in the ranks in google from 291 to 153. I have been reading BHW and have only gotten mixed messages. most say don't redirect it if its not related, but my older domain was not related in the least and my site went up. I have another website with 4 times as many backilinks that I would like to 301 to this new site, but I'm worried.

    Also to the other part of your question It makes perfect sense to use these domains to splatter with spam becuase most of those web 2.0 sites has too many ext links in them and you would loose juice to your site. I recently outsourced some linkwheels and a couple of those web 2.0 sites had 65 ext links hahahahaha. What good would it be to build a bunch of backlinks to a web 2.0 like that?
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