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    I have been experimenting with few of my sites by checking the most best social networking ways to to get more customers....

    I did get few suggestion from BHW members..

    But my journey still continues.. I will make sure to update this thread with the most recent Social networking platforms and its success

    To start with i did find the most interesting but still in beta phase 30 secs SE developing site... are your surprised...
    Stribe is a social network for your Web site. Instead of setting up a separate social network for your site or brand on a network like Ning, you can add a line of code to your site and it becomes full-fledged with social functions. People can log in through Facebook Connect (Twitter OAuth soon) and chat, share items, etc. The site is in private beta and will go public soon.

    Their charismatic CEO Kamel Zeroual explained that the most popular feature is chat -- if you're logged in Stribe on one site you can chat with someone you know who's on a different site that also has Stribe. They will operate under a freemium model; with premium accounts users can have deeper analytics about social usage and can push content, which would be very interesting to corporations that want to add social features to their sites.
    * all your need is email address and password.. just go signup... if u are lucky they might send you a free signup account of there premium edition.......
    * takes 30 secs to make any SE website....
    * u can use one login and can use the platform with single line java script ro any number of site you own....
    * This is the next generation SE site development which can provide.... awesome visitor tracking capabilities...
    *Stribe was the winner of the startup competition at Le Web. You may already know them from TechCrunch50, where they presented.

    My Journey continues to find the best of the best... SE sites :D

    Go signup at
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    Good stuff I submitted my email lets see if they hook me up with something
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