$30 for a fake referer script


Feb 24, 2010
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Hi guys

I want to write a script in PHP, here is how it worked

I have a site A, which is a blackhat site, I want to be able to enter a socks5 info in format IP.IP.IP.IP:pORT into the textbox, and select the browser type that I want for the user agent (FF, IE Safari, opera, etc),it also have another textbox so I can type in the referer that I want (the referer will be from an email such as hotmail, yahoo, gmail, mac, live etc). It will have a button to click on it to go to site B
On site B, which will redirect to another tracking link with a fake referer that I set up on site A, and with the user agent that I chosen from site A.

The script will run on hostgator, so make sure it's compatible.

This is a rush project, 'cause I need it by Tuesday
i'm interested. I't an easy job done in couple of hours. Best Regards
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