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    Please read the whole post before you reply , thank you :

    So, about 10 days ago I was restricted from selling for 30 days. I sell electronics, books and some virtual items such as product keys etc. Those virtual items were the main reason for this restriction but they bring me a good amount of money for me to just stop selling them and I have been for 2 years now with a couple of suspensions like this in the past.

    Have a in mind that I don't want to be selling on multiple accounts , no matter what , I want all of my business to be done on 1 account. My current account has 20,000 + feedback and I don't want to lose it which is why I'm posting this.

    Have in mind that right after the suspension I opened another account which got restricted because I used the same paypal of an account that got restricted 2 years ago. Then I opened ANOTHER account , different email and paypal , same IP , I managed to increase its limits to 10000 items per month with just a few calls but it got BANNED . I called ebay and asked them why and they said because I have other accounts that are suspended. My 20000 feedback account is still there ( not banned ) but I'm kind of stressed out about what to do .

    After those "shadow accounts getting banned / restricted , Ive decided to wait till the restriction on my main accounts goes away BUT here is my question, once it goes away , should I open yet ANOTHER account and use that 20000 feedback account as a way to increase its limits ( there is an option to link another seller account when increasing limits ) or should I just keep selling on that 20,000 feedback account ?

    There is a possibility to get another violation in a few days / weeks / months once I list the virtual items and I'm not sure what follows after a 1 month suspension , does it reset itself and start with 1 day, 3 days, 7 days again or will the next thing be a 3 month restriction or a permanent restriction ?

    Anyone who knows , help would be highly appreciated , should I keep using my main account with the possibilty of its listings getting removed again and restricted or should I open a brand new accounts after the restriction and let my main account settle for another month or two.

    *** Have in mind that I did get a 30 day restriction like this 1 and half years ago , that time I just went back to selling on the account right after it was over without even thinking about it , I got lucky and didn't get any violations in months after that but it looks like ebay might have stepped up their game a little since then which is where this concern is coming from .
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    Keep selling on your 20000 feedback store and avoid selling virtual items that brought you to this situation.