3 questions - could I get some advise please

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    1. Question on how to find the weakest articles
    Long time ago Google had announced quality guidelines where it was said that websites will be judged by the total of all the pages and no longer 1 page at a time, so if there are weak/bad/poor quality pages they would drag down the whole site. My articles are of good quality but I want to improve them further starting with the worst ones, but I don't know how to find these "weak links". I looked in Webmaster / Analytics but all the "normal" article pages are swamped among tag, category, and all kinds of other wordpress generated pages.
    Could you please advise me which statistic/tool/method to use to identify the worst performing articles so I can improve their quality?
    (I have a large website 300+ articles so its hard to write down 1 by 1)

    2. Question about Google Feedburner
    I have installed an Email and RSS subscription and put a subscribe box on top right of my website to try to start building a list. Not so many have subscribed. Anyways I should experiment and improve, but I would like to know is it ok in general to use the Google Feedburner as a lazy form of a mailing list? I ask because I don't have time to provide quality emails to a real mailing list.
    Has anyone had success with Google Feedburner?

    3. Question about monthly ad payments
    I have some websites where the CTR is negligible. Probably my poor niche research while learning. I have been trying to email directly different people/websites in very relevant topics offering to put a banner advertisement to them in return for a small monthly fee, but so far nobody even replied to my simple email.
    Is there a smarter way of getting such stable monthy income/advertisers or I should forget those sites?

    Thanks for your help!
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    300+ articles! Are those articles unique? If not then that's the main problem.
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    Rather than waste time sorting through all your articles and re-writing them why not just produce high quality articles from now on. Give it some time and things should balance out. Google looks at your website as an entire picture not just on a page level.