3 Link Building Boosters to Implement in 2017

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    3 Link Building Boosters to Implement in 2017

    There has been much talking about quality content and backlinks. These two have been considered as an important ranking factor in the eyes of Google. Getting links to our site from high authoritative sites show Google the reliability of our site.

    Most of us already know about links and link building is the process of acquiring quality links from high-quality sites. Using the links, search engines decide the trust and authority of the site.

    Based on my experience in SEO, I also believe that links are the most important off-page SEO factor. Here, I’m going to make known the 3 link building tactics to rank a website on page 1 of Google.

    1. Linkable Assets:

    What do you think about it? Before we think about building links, we should consider that we have the worthy assets. That is to say; we should make sure that our site has something valuable to link to. To do that, creating a worthy content is a nice kick-start.

    So, the first step to do is creating a link-worthy content. People always love to read the useful and informational content. And, the useful and unique content is getting shared by most of the readers everywhere.

    Promotion is an effective way to reach out the readers but, let’s say if our content itself worth enough to share without any promotion. It’s really a wonderful thing, right.

    We can say that content is an awesome link building factor. I mean to say that not to create lots of low-quality content, instead; it’s good enough to write a good amount of high-quality and unique piece of content.

    Finally, you should focus on creating unique content that is relevant to your niche and makes your content the best of all.

    A link-worthy content should be,

    • Catchy headline, title tag, meta description
    • Write content which engages the readers.
    • Optimize your content and take your own time to promote it.
    • Ensure that your content is worth enough to your readers.
    I might think that the following is considered as the effective linkable assets,

    · Long-form content

    Long form content is crucial to increase the website rankings, and it also drives the massive traffic to your site. But, it does mean that long form content itself enough to boost your site rankings. I can say that it’s definitely a step to go in the right direction.

    · Infographics

    No wonder that the infographics are acquiring links because most people love visual content. Infographics are one of the effective ways for gaining valuable backlinks, and also it brings traffic to your site.

    · How-to articles

    Generally, these types of articles are packed with rich information, and also readers like to read because it resolves their queries straightforward.

    · Listicles

    Listicles are everywhere, and it’s also popular in front of readers because it’s an easy way to consume the information as fast as we can. For this reason, readers love to read the Listicles, and it is also getting shared in a large number. Similar to this, the quizzes and microsites are considered as the worthy assets to link, and it also helps your brand to achieve a number of things.

    Target on the high-quality content which makes others link to your content.

    2. Influencer Leverage:

    Social media is a worldwide platform which allows sharing best ideas to everyone in the community. Most of the influencers are on the social media. Plenty of worthy content is constantly shared by readers on the social media channel. No wonder whether the influencers are popular or not, but, it does a matter that having influence over a significant audience.

    Engaging the influencers will help to connect with the new audience and to increase your social media circle. To put it in another way, if you engage with social media influencers, it will help to boost your brand exposure and popularity.

    Here is how to find the right social media influencers,

    Most of the marketers do not recognize that every influencer is not important for every brand or a campaign. One should find the right influencers relevant to their niche. To find the right influencers, you should identify the potential influencers and then filter them from them. The following metrics will help to identify the appropriate influencers for your brand or campaign,

    Relevance – This is the metric that you should consider to ensure that the particular influencer is relevant in your niche and they have influence over a significant amount of audience.

    Reach – The next thing to focus is outreach, meaning they should have more than enough of following to make an impact and whether they help to enhance your visibility within your target audience base.

    Engagement – This is the final thing to consider that the influencers are bringing proper engagement to their fan base. Make sure that they have a good engagement to make conversions.

    You can reach out the influencers in the social media networks like Facebook, and Twitter. Furthermore, with the use of the BuzzSumo (influencer marketing and outreach tool), you can reach out the top influencers relevant to your niche or keyword.

    How to engage the social media influencers?

    This is the important aspect to think about when you reach out the best influencers relevant to your niche. In order to stand out from others, you should create a good relationship with the influencers.

    Tip 1: Follow the influencers on all social media channels and share their content. Or, you can admire their work by posting a comment on their blog posts in a genuine manner.

    Tip 2: You should bring reason to the influencers to work with your brand. Attract their attention on you by participating in every conversation they have started.

    Tip 3: Build a genuine relationship with them. Write an amazing content and also consider mentioning the influencers in your content. Ask them to provide input on your content. If your content is high-quality and highly endorsement one, then definitely they love to share it.

    You can hire those influencers to promote your content.

    3. Link Hustling:

    It is considered as one of the great tactics for everyone, and the link hustling will be helpful for large businesses with more presence. The process of link hustling involves finding the place where you’ve been mentioned and requesting for a link. This is really an effective way to get links to your site.

    To begin your link hustle, you should use a paid tool named Mention. This is one of the fantastic tools, and it’s my favorite too. It alerts you when you get mentioned everywhere on the web instantly. You can also able to use the advanced Boolean filters to save your effort.

    Link prospector is another great tool to use, and it’s becoming popular especially for its filters. With this tool, you can easily prioritize link building efforts.

    Write some great and awesome content that was well-researched in your niche, and that’s better to link to. If you want links to your site, then talking something worth is the step to start.

    With the great content and good hustle, you can make people talking about, share and link your content.

    Implement these 3 link building boosters in 2017 to boost your rankings in the search engines.

    Do you think that these 3 link building boosters will work in 2017? What else you’ve tried to build links to your site? Share your link building experience which will help everyone to know its ins and outs.

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