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3 easy steps that should help ANYONE get a solid adsense micro niche..

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by SeoPublicist, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. SeoPublicist

    SeoPublicist Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 19, 2012
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    So I have been doing this for a couple years now and the $results$ have been quite ok when keeping
    the sites instead of selling them a few months/years down the road..

    My 3 steps to getting a great adsense niche from scratch that I can scale and even combine with CPA or Amazon offers down the road
    that have worked for me and should work for anyone (it's just common sense after a few months/years, nothing rocket science..)

    My Safe Bet #1:

    - Go to flippa.com and create your own flippa profile so you can get daily adsense or any affiliate income generating site being sold into your favorite inbox
    --> flippa.com/advance-search --> "listing format" = private sale --> "property type"= websites --> "auction price" = $1,000-$20,000(how fast you want to achieve your income goals, what amount of time it'll take to get top 10 google organic search results, what's your long term budget..take all these into account when adding that auction price listing generator..the more realistic the better!) --> "Auction Status" = All ("won listings" or "open listings" will be fine) --> "Age" = 6 months to 3 years old --> "Revenue" = $100-$600 a month / verified adsense earnings preferred and "revenue sources" --> add all 3 (advertising/product
    or services/affiliates) --> save your search profile, just look at sexy "Claire" message at the top right corner if you're doing this today to get daily email alerts to your inbox

    The key here is to mimic the success of niches that have already sold successfully for $1,000+ so you can ether create your own micro niche in Adsense(affiliate site, other) and research other keywords that such established sold site or currently listing for XY $amount$ isn't targeting. I use a combination of tools for this, SemRush being one of my favorites as it provides me primary keywords/main keywords/top keywords being targeted and then I can extract results lifetime tools like seopowersuite etc.

    The key here is to get rolling with a great micro niche site idea for Adsense, which I love doing, so this gives you a head start as it confirms two things I want. Niche, sub-niche or micro-niche site being sold is already profitable/in-demand, so instead of being a parasite doing a copycat of the site, we can just create long tail keywords to rank using some of the primary keywords that such site is actually not ranking for in Google. And #2, confirms neither of us would be losing our energy, our time or our money with the potential site to build as the site would be solving problems, a particular need or a want by adding content that either answers questions or that eventually leads to an Amazon referral product/CPA offer with content. Just my way of looking at it. Keeps working.

    Option #2 - Search for popular tangible products on Amazon or specific product terms:

    Get into specific product terms/ product purchases and generate that micro niche idea.
    - Example; "T25" "Insanity"or "P90x" (very specific, very targeted, still in-demand and you can go deep into it in blogs/articles)

    Instead of going for "weight loss program" and creating a general site, I'd start a quick site by going under the radar in a small market under
    an already in-demand, established product, profitable or even popular widget. Again, this is targeted for Google Adsense, not for getting immediate sales
    through an eBook or converting into affiliate income..just clicks.

    Option #3 - Answer questions in a specific market

    For me, the harder and more entertaining it's to write about a topic, the better it usually is for me or my writing partner. Just think about writing
    on specific topics or keywords that are under the radar in a specific micro-niche market like; "how to be a great husband during pregnancy" or get a kick/crack
    yourself up by going deeper if you're a male writing about "how to prevent ejaculating fast".

    Best of all, there's a forum or a specific sub-niche/micro-niche forum for every big popular topic or on-going problem, typing in google.com
    "your specific keyword idea + forum" would often get you immediate forums to gather ideas on what to write, get immediate good topics
    and answer in an article or blogging format that appeals readership and Adsense clicks.


    For me the longer the keywords, the more popular and profitable the products and the more difficult it is to write about it,
    the better it is for an Adsense niche site on my end. I could either write it myself or have my full-time writing partner research
    it for me and blog about it in a 5-10 Adsense niche site after I am done getting the free wordpress theme, any of the specific
    1,000's at themeforest resource or an established template that converts well exclusively for Adsense. Plenty out there.

    The purpose of this was just to get the ball rolling and eventually getting you that snow ball effect by taking action
    as creating ideas for a site that earns you money is not an easy task for many.

    So hey, I really hopes this helps in a way and if it does don't forget to rate it or say thanks in your own authentic way..I just like knowing I am not the only alien
    here at home working hard and drinking a Monster:D Hope it was worth it!! Just giving a few cents back again to the forum.
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  2. nabeelshams

    nabeelshams Power Member

    Jan 23, 2012
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    Karachi, Pakistan
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    Nice tips mate. Loved 1 & 2
  3. SeoPublicist

    SeoPublicist Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 19, 2012
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    Glad you liked it, great to read and see a few of you found it useful.

    Adding another great resource I just found for even more ideas for numerous keywords that
    can be converted into EMD domains and long tail keywords for a great Adsense micro niche
    or a 100 page Adsense site.

    Here's a list of many odd medical terms/keywords that should generate reasonable pay in Adsense clicks:

    And a list going back to 2011 that still makes total sense not to see them as top Adwords keywords that some by experience convert well in 2015 for Adsense:
    http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2011/07/18/most-expensive-keywords-google-adwords#Google CPC

    Taking some of the above listed keywords, adding them in your favorite keyword research tool and
    gathering a list of keyword phrases/long tail keywords and finding there are under 1,000,000 index pages in
    google.com while 2-5 keywords have around 2,000 total monthly traffic would be ideal if someone focuses
    and gets a top 3 ranking for at least 5 primary keywords for 10 sites.

    If anyone follows the above for a few months with an aged domain (6-12 months domain at least) and
    adds at least 10-20 pages of 500-1,000 words it won't be difficult to have 10 sites earning
    $5 a day with proper quality links from many of the seo linking services here at the forum.

    The problem I was having years ago was trying to rank for keywords like "Mesothelioma",
    "Dui Lawyer", far easier to just go wide in a particular niche and look for long tail keywords
    instead of 2-3 word keyword phrases. 4-7 words as a keyword phrase would do wonders
    in ranking with a few quality links.

    Another great thing will be to look for forums in a niche that's profitable, go
    into specifics into it (Colleges ---> Degrees--> Master Degrees) and answer questions
    in your own "topmbacollegesformba.com" (available .com as of now wow!) blog
    with articles from questions from targeted forums or questions on related subjects on
    MBA programs or college questions mostly found in yahoo answers and other free sites
    if you haven't found a targeted forum for getting quick ideas on 10-20 topics to build a
    a valuable Adsense blog.

    Hope the above helps a bit more! Got motivated a bit more by your feedback nabeelshams, kind of sucks
    when you can't talk to many people back home, so why not here right:cool: