2keyword.com(1day) vs key-word.com (3 y) which is better ?

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    Now I changed domain key-word .com via 301 to 2keyword .com , but very good rankings on Google dropped from 17-20 (diff. competition) to 140-150 after 3-4 weeks.

    Website still is doing well on Bing but after it reached 2nd position on 2 weeks it dropped to low 10 ://

    Website is very well optimised, unique content, fast with own IP and dedicated server.

    Problem is why it dropped on Google (I'm been doing some blog networks, amount of BL on majestic went up from 40 IP's to 120 IP's).

    Domain keyword .com I bought in 21st December, set up 301 from key-word .org (3 years, 47 authority on SEO Moz, and over 20,000 BL) and everything was fine till last Thursday....

    Is it just Google dance or is it low authority new domain fault and too many new backlinks for fresh domain ???

    Also why it reached 2nd position on Bing and dropped ? (with key-word .org I had same problem it reached 1st position for 1 week and disappeared).

    What would be best tactics for Bing and Google (or just Bing) ??

    Should I ack to 3 years old domain with authority or just stick with 1month and 301 from 3years old domain and count on Google dance ?? (first it dropped out TOP500, after 1day it back to 180, now is 140, to remind from few months domain were on 35 and with time in increase to 20 with small Google dance (1-2 positions))

    I added 2 before keyword on new domain... It isn't spammy right ?

    Please for help :)
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    I've had a similar experience before when doing 301's ... Sometimes google throws a temper tantrum and your rankings will be screwed up for 1mo+. Continue building links to both urls and it should bounce back.