23 Creative Ways to Promote Your App For Free

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    There are and were used many channels for this purpose for example there was use of press for advertisement, some entrepreneurs use social media like twitter, interest, Face book and others for their marketing or advertisement, some have adopted method of manually customers recruitment and someone has customers referrals at very wide basis.
    According to Experts? experience this is not possible to pay advertising customers because their collective cost in not lower than the price or amount of app. We will discuss more than this. There are 22 nice ways to promote your app for free.
    (1) Build a Micro Site:

    To build micro site is a great way for advertising free. There will be need of one or two showcases your app to web audience. A micro site is specifically useful for if you want to apply it for promoting app plus announcement. You can take evidence through snapshot and specific path.
    (2) Build a Taster Website:

    You should build a taster website one or two months before you launch the email addresses of people who have interest to know about the launching of application in specific time.
    (3) Start A Blog:

    You should start a blog posting. The blogs should be attached with micro site. You should draw and write interesting and attractive contents about your app that could attract and retain the customers to your website. Buffer blogs who give thoughts on social media and online should be used. Buffer app. It really helps for such matters.
    (4) Share Your Content:

    You should take help through social media like you should update your app status by your Twitter, Google plus, Face book, Pinteest and LinkedIn profiles on every week. This thing will increase the exposure of your app and social media contacts will be increased.
    (5) Create a Product Video:

    A nice video help very much to understand any product or app. So you should make a creative, funny and original video about your product or app. In video tell a story in such a way that people can locate easily the whole detail and purpose of video. You can take best example like the Dollar shave club.
    (6) Get Press, Ton Of It:

    A famous Entrepreneur Neil Patel says. ?You should take great advantage of press?. When your application will be discussed in the columns and news of journalists, it means your app detail and name has reached to millions of people.
    (7) Pitch to App Review Websites:

    Following sites are very famous for mentioning app reviews. There is thousands of app and the entrepreneur wants to mention their app in reviews. For reviews following websites are excellent. You can get great exposure from customers here.

    (8) Contact Bloggers who Would Care:

    You should have knowledge and identify about bloggers who are writing about such app. For example a children application can be introduced to bloggers who write at mother forum.
    (9) Apply For Awards:

    For better advertisement and growth you should look into specific award areas like Kiip build fund or the Mobileys.
    If you win at these places then you will have great opportunity to get tons of press.
    (10) Start A Podcast:

    You should publish the app on your own website or on iTunes. Draw the content about your app from area which suits you best for best results.
    (11) Always Be Collecting Emails:

    You should also collect emails addresses of potential customers and key clients through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or your own website. Any channel you can use for this. This is also a powerful and famous marketing tool for your app without any cost.
    (12) Create A Six Second How to Series:

    You should make the most of vine channel. You should use here the videos of potential customers. This will help you very much. The hashing no. How to be one of most famous and top trending tags on vine? That is a very nice forum for getting better results.
    (13) Use Dubbler:

    You can use the website of dubbler for promoting your blogs and contents about your app. Dubbler will present 60 seconds social network video about your app.
    (14) Post On Pinterest:

    You should take help from pinterest. You have to use blog images, visual contents plus infographics from your app to create original content on your pinterest. In this way you can attract a number of potential customers for your app.
    (15) Manually Recruit Customers:

    You can take help through Canvsly. Through this channel you can reach the local art schools, pediatricians and libraries to get or recruit customers manually. This thing will increase your exposure.
    (16) Run A Contest:

    It means that you can guide people to tweet you and send you comments, sharing and such other things on your social media network. In this way your app will be promoted at different places.
    (17) Create A Facebook Group:

    You should create a Facebook group and connect your app information with those people so that your app can be socialized. If your app relates to hikers then please create a hiker group.920
    (18) Get Speaking Opportunities:

    You should research opportunities where events are being conducted in your area. You can speak there about your app after consulting the event management.
    (19) Take Advantage of Voice Mail:

    You should introduce your app in your phone voicemail recording for better results.
    (20) Be Obsessive About Resolving Negative Reviews:

    You should remove and avoid from negative customers. Keep in mind that a happy customer is your real value about app.
    (21) Make good Use of App Store Optimization:

    You should know good use of App store optimization. You can locate at the app store.
    (22) Contact Admin of Related Facebook Pages:

    Research for pages having likes 100000 plus. Contact with admin of those groups and before this make sure that these pages will help you about your app. give an authentic reason to the admin for helping about your app marketing.
    (23) Optimize Your Email Signature:

    You should introduce an attractive single line about your app plus link to download it in the form of your email signature.

    In this article we have tried to facilitate readers about the 23 Most Important Things to Promote their App. Aforementioned is one of the best ASO and SEO Strategies of 2016.
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    hi, geat article
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    Great advice...thanks
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    Thanks for the tips!
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    Good point about negative reviews, as doing that will make you seem active with the community and instill confidence among the users that you'll be supporting the product well.