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    Im running a podcast through hostgator and when looking at my awstats I noticed that I have 192.74 GB bandwidth for "viewed" data (im supposing that means full un-interrupted downloads of the podcast episodes), and 314.27 GB bandwidth for "Not viewed traffic". The "not viewed traffic" bandwidth is exactly the same as the "206 Partial Content" bandwidth, so I figured that the "not viewed traffic" bandwidth is the "206 Partial Content" bandwidth.

    I looked it up on wikipedia and I figured that 206 Partial Content refer's the the downloads that have been either paused, cancelled, or split up into multiple download streams... But I have no way of knowing which downloads have been either paused, cancelled, or split up as it all comes under "206 Partial Content". Is there anyway to find out this information? Because 314.27 GB is a lot of unaccounted potentially full downloads, and I really wish to give all the stakeholders in my podcast FULL information about download numbers.

    Does iTunes split up downloads maybe? Because I really don't know why interrupted bandwidth is higher than non-interrupted bandwidth. Here's the summary stats of my bandwidth so far:

    twitpic.com/202szg/full (i cant post images or links yet)

    If anyone can shed any light on this it would be greatly appreciated :)