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    Starting a new venture this week and figured I would share it with yall, this is NOT a GET RICH QUICK scheme but should pan out for some healthy gains.
    As you all know SM has really blown up lately and there are alot SEO's taking on social media management and creation services for companies. Look at some of there websites for people that no little to nothing about the internet/ webdevelopment they could be quite confusing. I know I may get flamed for this but with all these social media management agencies popping up it got me thinking. The key is SIMPLICTY (I'm currently building my site now) There are millions of local small businesses out there that have no online presence at all, looking out of the box im talking about construction, electrician's ya know blue color America. Most of these businesses are based soley on referals, regardless of that they usually spend a little money every year advertising in the yellow books that no one uses anymore. My plan of action is to start a business focusing on branding an internet presence-- social media set up for these guys. I feel that it should be fairly easy to convince potential customers that people need to be able to find their business online, unless they want to continue relying solely on referals. You can offer them cheap packages setting up just a few 2.0s fb, G places and others which will take you no time at all, were talking a few hours. Obviously this post has been alittle vague but you can catch the jist, small business owners use the internet, understands its power but are often reluctant, confused or scared when it comes to building their brand online. Price is key, obviously this will differ for each client, for a very basic setup FB page, Twitter G+, G places I plan on hitting them for $200 bucks. You can easily create these profiles, add a few pictures and a little content in say 4 hours tops, Im not trying to dominate any serps here, simply having any presence online is basically enough. Most of these small construction companies would be more than happy to have their business be able to be found online and in there mind $200 to $250 bucks is justified because most of them have this wild idea that "building a website" will cost them alot of money. Most of these guys know tons of people in their fields or the fields around them. Find that first company if you can charge them $250 and let them know you pay $50 bucks for referalls, Now not only is the $200 bucks justified but there going to see they can make some quick cash too with all the people they know (its basically free) :) everyone loves free . If I was confusing in this post sorry, stopped taking adderall this week after the past few years, I'm quite foggy ha.