200$ a day From Adsense to Dropshipping

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    At the moment I have a website which ranks for about 3/4 keywords on number 1 in Google. (total of 20+ keywords ranking in top 20 page)
    It's pretty stable for about 5/6 months now with little passive income on autopilot. (100% autopilot, no updating or whatsoever)
    At this moment my website is generating Adsense and slightly Amazon affiliate commissions steady for about 5/6 months. Daily visits are between 30-80 visits per day. (average 45)

    The best KW has a 2400 monthly US searches and product price range is 300USD-2000USD. The audience which are searching for these KW are likely to buy.

    As my website is very basic with only a few articles I know it has great potential for increasing income. At this moment my theme is very basic and mostly articles + a few affiliate products. (basic amazon affiliate for WordPress). It's possible to convert it into a Dropshipping website however I don't wanna loose my rankings.

    What I can do
    • Buy a better Amazon Affiliate plugin for WordPress ( Great amazon plugins which post on autopilot and can edit everything )
    • Change website into dropshipping websites ( found a big Dropsshipper in USA which offer also discount, can markup with 20-35%)
    • Leave it what it is

    I'm afraid If I change the theme into a E-commerce theme that it will affect my rankings. What shall I do? Or just leave it how it is now.
    Also if I know what makes my website rank so good in google? If I know exactly which BL or other technique I can backup this and make sure this will not be touched.

    I'm looking forward for a great journey here and any tips advise is welcome. Thanks
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