20 Pointers on Using Pinterest to make Money

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    Pinterest is suddenly one of the most famous forms of social media in the world. When it first began, who would have even thought that it would become as popular as it is today. Followers of the site now have the app of their phones and share different pins with their friends and followers from all over the world. There isn’t one category that someone hasn’t posted a pin for. It is crazy how fast Pinterest got big, but how did it happen and so very quickly? Is it the changing of all of the technology in this age where we are all on a mobile phone? Is it all of the creative ideas that hobbyists and crafters like to share? Whatever it is, Pinterest is huge, there is no doubt about that.

    How Did Pinterest Get So Big?
    Some simple facts tell us that Pinterest has over 70 million users currently and there are even business accounts that are growing on the site as well. In 2010, Pinterest was launched by two men who were working on other apps that did not go so well. Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann came up with the idea of Pinterest after a brainstorming session. In August of that year, Pinterest had over 40,000 users and was starting to grow faster and faster. One of the reasons that it has gotten so big is because it is very user friendly. This is one of the easiest sites and apps that a person can use. There is not a lot of work to it, so that makes it really attractive to people.

    Pinterest also helps to connect friends on Facebook. This is a really easy way for you to find all of your friends to see what kind of boards they happen to be exploring. It is a safer form of Internet stalking in a sense. You know what things your friends are looking at and you know what they are now interested in. This could come in handy around birthdays or Christmas gift giving times. There has been some great marketing behind Pinterest too and many people say that because it wasn’t hyped up like a lot of social media sites, people love to use it. They feel that it is a great way for them to see new things and people a lot of really cool people with the same interests.
    20 Facts About Pinterest

    There is so much to learn about using Pinterest as a way to promote your business. Many people try to constantly pin items that will link others to their business. That is one way to do it, but there are plenty of other things that you need to know before you start pinning too much per day.

    1. Most of the pins that are put on different Pinterest boards actually come from different business websites. About 70% to be exact. Businesses are using Pinterest for free advertising basically and it does seem like one of the best ideas. With the huge number of Pinterest users, these businesses are definitely bound to get a lot more customers simply by clicking on a pin.

    2. With the huge amount of pins that have been collected on Pinterest, which is over 50 billion, yes billion. This is one of the best ways to begin to market for your company. There are so many different topics and subjects that you can go through that no wonder people are making money off of using Pinterest.

    3. Almost all of the hits on Pinterest come from the app. That means that people are doing some serious shopping and web browsing while they are anywhere, but home. This is key for making your business grow via Pinterest.

    4. The amount of recommendations that Pinterest has each year is well into the trillions, yes, the trillions. With these kind of numbers, why would you not try to use Pinterest to sell your products or at least try to get more followers.

    5. About 20 million of the pins posted a day will be bookmarked and followers will end up buying their products for them within the week of saving that pin.

    6. There are over 1.8 million recipes that are pinned onto Pinterest. You will never run out of dinner choices.

    7. Nearly 15 million articles have been pinned on Pinterest and a lot of those are company’s blogs and press releases. This is great for business.

    8. A whopping 93% of Pinterest users end up buying from one of the pins that they have

    9. Many people love Pinterest because it is more like a search engine and not a form of social media such as Facebook. You can get answers from Pinterest and less of the drama!

    10. Pinterest seems to be the source for everything you need to know. For instance, you need a lesson plan on Johnny Appleseed? Someone has pinned one onto Pinterest.

    11. People who use Pinterest are interested in new products and they will buy them. This means that marketing for your business is perfect for Pinterest.

    12. Pinterest is a much better outlet to show off your products than Facebook. Why is that? Because it is free advertising whereas a lot of Facebook advertising costs money.

    13. Pinterest users are also Facebook users and they believe in the true word of mouth advertising. They will see something that they like and share the link on Facebook with more people that you may gain customers from.

    14. Pins that have been promoted by others means that your products will sell. Any pins that are promoted generally say “buy me, I’m great!” So it is important that you have some promoted pins.

    15. A lot more men like Pinterest than other social media sites. This is great if your business sells more men’s products.

    16. Pinterest users like when celebrities choose their favorite brands. Getting one of these celebs to share just one of your products pretty much seals the deal!

    17. Pinterest is user friendly on the laptop or the mobile phone and tablet. The least amount of work that users have to do, the better it is for your business.

    18. There are American and International users that can get your name out all over the planet!

    19. Speaking of International, Pinterest is now in 30 different languages and has locations all over the world.

    20. It is simple to advertise, clearly post a picture of your product with the link. Users click the link and it will bring them directly to your site.
    The Do’s and Don’ts of Pinterest Marketing

    Wanting to market your company? Follow these do’s and don’ts and you will be a Pinterest success! Do use words that are relevant to the users on Pinterest or they will show no interest in your products. Also, make sure that you target the right audience for your products. Do change your campaigns on a regular basis so that your followers don’t get bored. One of the don’ts that it is very important for you to remember is don’t use hashtags. Those only work for certain apps and websites and Pinterest is not the place for them.

    When marketing your company on Pinterest be as genuine and authentic as you can. Remember that this is a way to gain fans and customers, not to run them off. When you capture just the right feeling of your company, make the right pins, and follow the do’s and don’ts, your marketing on Pinterest will begin to finally pay off.
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    Thank your for this post! I'll try to implement some of the things you've written.
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    You copy and pasted this off of warrior forum. Could you at least give proper credit to the author?
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    I don't care what the source is, thanks for posting it here!
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    good looking out! glad you shared it here too!