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    getting in to the SEO game i have a few simple questions..

    article submitting:
    Ok i write an article, submit it to my blog, now with that article, when is the proper time to submit to article directories? Do i wait for google to index my article before i post it else where so it knows im the original? or do i just post it on a directory right after with my back link and that would be sufficient? Do i change it at all or keep the same when i submit to the directory?

    is there a free program or webbased program that can find high authority related websites to my niche, scrapers?

    maybe i can fit one moer question.. i have seen the word pinging many times reading about SEO... exactly what is it and exactly when and why do i use it and how.. thanks
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    duplicate content is a weird one.... people will go both ways on it. Some say it effects your rankings but others say it doesnt. When I do what you are doing I normally have 1 version of the article for my own site then lightly rewrite it for all the article directories and submit it TO ALL of them at once. Well as many as you had planned to. Dont stagger your submissions.

    The quicker you submit the better because the directories wont pick up on each other :)

    use scrapebox, or google :) noones gonna tell u exactly wat to do and there is a shitload of stuff here tellen you how to do it.
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    Read this at least 8 times. ;)

    Killer tip: Look for efficiency on page 1 for a given search term. I like to find the lowest PR website that doesn't have a dmoz.org link that used the fewest backlinks to get there. Looking for efficiency trends like that are a round about way of solving seo problems like that.
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    On the directories, I submit the originals after posting on my site. At least the first few. Then link them back directly to the page on your blog you took them from. Takes a bit, but search engines eventually figure out that your site has the original. Of course, I am lazy so...

    Article marketing isn't all it used to be. Another approach you might consider is doing a google news alert for your keywords. Set it for delivery once a week. When it comes in, click through to the blogs with stories. You can usually comment on them. Since the story is on your keyword, they are usually fairly relevant sites. This is a very old technique in white hat seo, but it still works really well.

    On finding high authority sites in your niche, there probably is a program. An easier way to do it would just be to do a search for your keyword phrase in Google. The top 10 should contain most of your authority sites.

    Pinging is just a means to force a search engine to recognize that a new link has been created and credit you with it. Personally, I don't ping mine as I prefer the search engines to find them slowly. It looks more "natural". That being said, most people on BHW would probably disagree with this view and ping the hell out of any new links. To each their own.