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    Hey guys, I found a website called "Capture Play". They offer credits that can be exchanged for cash and with a minimum payout of $20.

    For each referral, they will give you $2 and for $1 for anyone they refer.

    They have 3 games to offer, SuperFrag a FPS game (using Cube Engine, Doom Graphics) , Chess and a game called Mancala. You can capture other people's pieces and sell them for money.

    I have also found out that you can get free 5000 Credits Instantly by sending them some feedback through their feedback form. Be sure that it makes sense and is constructive and not some random words.

    You don't earn as much from playing games however you do earn a bit. You can start high wage games if you think you are good enough.

    - When playing against someone at Chess, key in their moves into a chess program and use the computer's moves as yours. I highly doubt people on the site will be smarter than your Chess program.

    The one I use is "Chess Titans" free with Windows 7.

    Hope this helps,

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