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Oct 18, 2017
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Hello guys wanted to share a method i've been doing and it's been successful. This is a Social Media to Affiliate method.

You gonna need to first sign up for CoinBase if you have not already signed up. (Mod Edit: Affiliate link removed). After you fully get your account verified you need to head over here Program. Here you will be provided with a coinbase affiliate link, you can also customize your link as you wish. The concept is simple anytime someone signs up through your link and spends up to $100 in Buying "Bitcoin", "Bitcoin Cash", "Ethereum" or "Litecoin" you as a affiliate receive $10 and not only you but the person who signed up will also get $10 in any coin they buy as longest it's over $100. You can use that as advantage when signing up people.

How do you get people to sign up?

I have two methods which i will describe both

2. YouTube

First method INSTAGRAM is the most effective method i think out of all the other methods out there. With in first 3 weeks i was able to manage to grow 5,000 Followers who were cryptocurrency targeted.

Best way to gain followers that convert is to use Follow / Unfollow method here is exactly what i did:
I posted content 3 times a day.

11 AM
3 PM
7 PM

These are the three best times to post on INSTAGRAM for crypto-posts this is when i had the best engagement and conversions. You don't want to post more than 3 times because you don't want your followers to think your spamming + it's not good when your trying to have people sign up. There are many instagram accounts who are spamming and having no conversion rates.

How can you get the content ?

This is super easy and it requires you to have 0 skills. Go on App store or Google Play Store. Search for the app "Instagram Saver" there are bunch of them for free. It will require you to sign in your instagram it's totally safe. As you log in start searching for "Crypto Instagram Pages" than start saving their posts. I normally save good 15-30 posts at a time that way i don't have to search for content every two minutes.

After you have the content you are ready for next step..... You will need TAGS "Do not and I repeat Do not go over 1 million searches" you will have no chance competing and chases are people won't even get to see your post. So keep it between 100k- 1 Million Tag searches. Tags must be crypto niche targeted. Instagram allows you to have up to 30 TAGS don't worry it's 100% safe and is not considered as span to post all 30 tags. There is a reason why instagram allows it, it's not a spam.

If you have 5 tags your reach is okay
If you have 15 tags your reach is even bigger
If you have 30 tags now you are maximizing your reach possibilities

so it's good to use all 30 tags to have a large reach..

Examples for 30 TAGS:

#bitcoin #bitcoins #altcoin #ripple #crypto #cryptocurrency#cryptocurrencies #btc #bitcoincash #ethereum #monero #cryptocapital #trading #makemoney #makemoneyonline #business #bch #motivational #inspirational #currencytrading #millionaire #billionaire #bitcoinprice #profit #cash #finance #financialfreedom #trending #entrepreneurs #money

I have used these same 30 TAGS you see how targeted they are ? All organic that's what we want.

As you are doing this you need to find pages that have accounts that look something like
Following 6,000 people followers 3,000
Following 7,300 people Followers 2,400
Following 4,800 people Followers 1,700

The concept is finding accounts that have more followings than followers. If those followers converted than you look at their post likes. Than start following the followers who actively engage on their posts. You have 80% chance they will convert to your page.

Many people are still uneducated about cryptocurrencies so use this in your advantage, your DM's will fill up with people asking you where to buy Bitcoins and all sorts of questions about Bitcoins, you will use this information to sign them up. But this is not your primary way to do it. Your primary way is your instagram BIO.

When you set up your BIO, You will but your affiliate link them BIO must say something like this,
Spend $100 on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash and Get Back Free $10 In Any cryptocurrency your choice. Click the link below to claim your $10. This is what i had, you can use it or you can come up with your own version. I'm putting this here for you to get an idea.

Cryptocurreny is a hot niche and you will be surprised how many people actually convert into affiliate and spend $100+ buying these cryptocurrencies. For 5,000 Targetted followers $10-50 a day is not bad. It's not gonna make you rich but it will make you some money.

SECOND WAY "YouTube" !

Similar strategy with YouTube, pretty much you will be copying other peoples cryptocurrency videos, Tutorials etc.... To avoid being taken down create a separate channel or buy aged channel that has thumbnail enabled. Because this is very important to get your video discovered. They are dirt cheap here on BlackHatWorld. Plus if the account can get banned for copy right you don't have to worry, it's not your personal and by then you have pulled $100-$200 maybe more depending your work ethic.

Download other peoples videos simply typing in google "YouTube to MP4" copy YouTube video URL and download the video. After downloading it in order to get it some views you will need to change the video. So simply open video editor and delete the persons intro and add your own. Also the outro, this tricks the YouTube system and it can't detect as a copy so it will allow video to free flow in YouTube search Engine.

In description write a similar thing as INSTAGRAM Bio, saying using this link will get you free $10 in those 4 cryptocurrencies. Also make that as a comment in comments section below.

Next step is to head over to JustAnotherPannel and deliver 1,000 YouTube video views it will cost you like $0.50 cents or so. Makes your video look not empty. Deliver couple likes on it to make it look legit with few comments. I have 15 fake accounts, i deliver comments and likes on my link stating something along the lines "Thanks i received $10 in Bitcoin" . people trust these comments as a form of review and they act on what they see. Pop out 3-5 videos it's not much work it's all copy and paste super simple.

BONUS method

Mod Edit: Don't promote or link to other forums.

Till Next Time,
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May 1, 2009
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This might be an informative post for some, but stop bullshitting. You inserted your affiliate link into your post to get sign ups, which is against the rule here.
You might want to remove it before someone with authority slaps you.


Sep 29, 2014
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Jesus, can someone summarize this big block of text for me? I stopped reading after the affiliate link..


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Aug 31, 2013
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Affiliate links and forum promotions removed.

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Sep 13, 2015
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Yeah I didn't like the move with affiliate link either.
But the post seems promising.


Jun 25, 2017
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Thank s for this method. Do you put your coinbase affiliate link in to BIO description or in to post as well?