2 domains, one hosting. problemssss!!!

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    Oct 27, 2011
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    Hello again,

    I'll be quitting for today soon... It's time to rest... However, I have just noticed that my domain2 is accessible from domain1/folder

    To clarify... I have 1and1 account. I bought a new domain couple of days ago, and have created new folder for this new site using their interface. To my surprise, it was created in my hosting account that was created together with my domain1!!! Now I have domain2 available directly when typing this name in browser, but can also access it from domain1/folder, where "folder" is what was created from 1and1 domain interface.

    In addition, I wasn't charged in any way for this new domain, and this is making me nervous :)... I don't like when I'm not charged - I know I'll get to pay for it at some point.

    How to buy another hosting profile with 1and1 admin interface? How to pay for my new domain?

    BTW, I would've be cool with this situation, but my domain2 isn't adult oriented, while my domain1 is rather adult :))))... I would like to avoid to confusion :)

    Thank you!