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    If you have a site based with on cooking and its all about cooking..i lovecooking.com its gna have a decent DA.. as its gna involve lots of cooking terms etc

    If you have a niche site about baking cakes , bakingcakes.com its gna have a good DA as its going to have lots terms about cakes, and baking the and it zeros in on cakes and baking, more so than cooking in general.

    then you can go further into breaking it down etc

    My questions are this..

    1. If you create a news site with a generic name unrelated..., and 4 main topics/menu/category are cooking, technology, horse riding, and swimming, How would set that up? A silo? I've researched that.. as its a news site, it will never get the same DA as a direct site based on baking cakes when content is full off baking cakes would it? I know google algortihm or metrics arnt known but if it was you doing it, how?
    2. If i was to make the 4 topics in a silo, should i have them as a category, or should i have it as a page and all relating pages being a child page.

    Apologies if these are rookie questions.. but I've researched and I'm stumped at this.
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    DA is to do with the sites that are linking to you, the content on your site is irrelevant to this metric.
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    First of all, your DA conclusion is completely wrong.

    Content on the website has absolutely nothing to do with DA as a Moz metric. Even 5000+ page website can have DA of 1. Yes, huge websites do have a bigger authority in the eyes of the Google, but if you are refering to metric, then content or topical relevance has nothing to do with it.

    The best metric which takes into account topical relevance is Majestic. And that takes into account only relevance of the backlinks linking to the website and also internal backlinks. So if you have a website in the cooking niche and link from homepage to category page, the category page may have trust flow (majestic metric) of 5 and the topical relevance would be home/cooking for example.

    Also, as a newbie, I would definitely avoid multiniche websites, because you will get burned badly. Overall, I don't think multiniche sites, at least when it comes to niches this far apart, are a good idea. What has technology to do with swimming? I mean, obviously, you have picked topics which are familiar to you, but rather make 4 websites about it and focus on a low competition keywords from just one of the mentioned niches. Like super hardcore mega low, especially if you do not have significant budget.
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    Too many diverse topics/categories in one site is a no go area if you are starting up. We all have burned out in that. Try the niche which is closer to your heart and where you think you can rank. From there scale it up and should be easier to create a high authority site. Not now...
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    Research man, search and search until your eyes are about to fall out.