1st Tier vs. 2nd Tier Backlinks

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    Hey guys,

    What would you consider 1st tier, high quality links to point to your money site and what would you consider 2nd tier, lower quality links to point to your 1st tier links?

    As far as 1st Tier...

    • I already have been pounding away at completely unique, medium-quality articles at top 20 article directories.
    • I manually created legit web 2.0 properties (full profiles and all) and making about 1 - 2 posts per week (all unique content).
    Other than articles and W2's, what else would you add to the laundry list of 1st tier links to go after? Specifically, what would you add on your "to-do" list on a day to day basis?

    As far as 2nd tier...

    • I have Bookmarking Demon set up with about 40 accounts throughout each their default sites (40 for digg, 40 for mister wong, etc.) - I'm bookmarking all my 1st Tier Links, a few times each.
    • I have Article Marketing Robot sending mass articles to T1 backlinks.
    • Just bought ScrapeBox and in the process of setting all that up to get my some mass blog comments to send to all my T1 backlinks.
    Other than what I have already been doing for T2 backlinks, is there anything else I'm missing? Specifically, what would you add on your "to-do" list in this regard?
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