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1st December 2012 - BoomBap Cash Embarkment

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by boombap, Dec 1, 2012.

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    Sep 20, 2012
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    So... I've been dabbling with IM for a a year or so but never really taken it seriously, the best thing i have on my side is the knowledge gained over this year and experience from my main interest in music promotion, but obviously the music business isn't all that lucrative for independents right now.

    I haven't set any goals as this way i feel better when i don't achieve them. just kidding. i don't have a specific goal, apart from i'm not trying to be a "Make $5 A Day !" Kid. more like banking at least an extra couple of K a month.

    Last month my first project was up & running , Here are my income methods...

    1) - A website that re-sells fiverr services & also a few custom promotional services of my own. (MAIN INCOME STREAM) There is no SEO as i don't know SEO at all. The website has been primarily advertised via Social media / networks. i have only spent $5 on advertising which was a basic SEO blast / link building. Im not good with coding or website building so i use a host which has an easy to use 'no-coding' site builder and costs me $10 a month.

    2) - Vinyl Records. I know people who do house clearances and places on the web where people are basically giving away old vinyl records, also at car boot sales or flea markets as you say in america i guess. However i know just where to sell this vinyl i.e. Discogs, and if that fails... as job lots on Ebay. The income here is maybe only 15% of total IM but is still something. The costs here are practically 0, you just need storage space.

    3) - Amazon Associates. Again this is not intended to have to much time spent on it, only around £30 of Novembers income was from Amazon, i am using new methods for getting traffic to Amazon links that fall into a grey area in their TOS so i dont want to pump too much time into this at least not for now.

    So here we go...

    For November generated a total of : £436.58 with a PROFIT of £180.08.

    (1st Dec. 2012) I woke up to see my site had done some miraculous power sales overnight which is what inspired me to get more serious and also make this thread.

    For December generated a total of: £309.98
    with a PROFIT of £306.50.

    I will answer questions but prefer them to be in the post rather than PM's, if you do have private questions PM me for my Gmail.