14 years of development experience. What would you do?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by beowulf, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Hello guys and girls (hope there's some girl here).
    I've been kicking mysel for 14 years, developing websites, eCommerce solutions, software, etc, for a living and never paid much attention to the world of SEO and the money that it generates, until a I met an old client who told me that he's making an average of $5k/mth without much efforts, with a blog that I developed for him 4 years ago.
    I couldn't believe and did some readings and realized what I lost all this years... seriously... i said to myself WTF?
    I barely make $5k/mth burning my brain coding, architecting and implementing systems, and have no time for anything else except Sundays that I take for my family. And lately have been feeling tired of dealing with stupid clients, people that make sure that they squeeze me to the maximum for every penny they are paying.
    I want to drop on the work load that I have, but I need the income that it provides, so I'm looking to make some passive income, and here I am looking for options.
    So, I would like to ask you guys, what would you do in this world of SEO to generate income, if you had a variety of technical skills from architecture, design, code, deployment of any kind of system, and 14 years of experience in the web development field?
    Thanks for your feedback.

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    chasing girls
    chasing girls
    make some close to the blog which earns 6 k a month ....... you know that would work
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    Earning $5000 from one blog will require a lot of work, or a genius idea, although it can be a passive income later.

    why not make a blog about coding and development? I suggest you make a website about something you know a lot about and are passionate about, and also where you can bring something of value to the reader.
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    Mar 19, 2013
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    The hard thing to start a business is finding what to do.

    The part where the daily activities is done can be easily outsourced to other people.

    Finding what things to sell, how to sell, how to beat the competitors, how to win, how to sell more, is the hard thing.
    Doing what has been thought can be outsourced to other people.

    That's why if we don't start our own business soon (which can be not SEO) we will soon be stamped out by the cruel world.
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    you have a lot of skills, expirience and knowldge. Just monetize them.
    Or make a game and get rich in a year lol
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    You can always utilize your programming skills by developing script/software and sell it in marketplace like codecanyon.

    It can be any small utility applications, nothing ground breaking, which are largely required and is not readily available. With the experience you've, you can put together all the bits and pieces of your work done previously and come up with a unique yet much need solution within short span of time. You can look at such marketplaces and get new ideas based on the listings and do a market study on what is required, what sells etc etc.

    Considering your experience, it doesn't take a lot of effort to develop them and also it generates passive income with minimal maintenance or support.

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    It doesn't seem like you're very keen on finding another client and instead want to work for yourself but I'm currently building a team of people for a big project and you fit the bill.

    If you'd like to have a chat, click the link in my signature.

    Otherwise, find something that is profitable, from any area of IM, and try to automate it. Particularly with your skill set, once something is automated it's much easier to scale up, just shove a bot on a VPS and let it whir away.

    You're not the usual person to join BHW as most people that join have no experience and are aiming for $5/day.

    Stick to what you know but at the same time, if a great opportunity arises but you're not sure you know enough to take the task on, then find out what you don't know and don't miss your chance.