12 Visitors, 3 Page Impressions? How is this possible?


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Nov 11, 2009
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Not sure how this is possible but if it is, can someone please explain, thanks.
How do you check the stats? Maybe you need to use a different stat tools. Sometimes the stat checker can go wrong
You're talking about adsense right? Google calculate Page Impressions by its javascript, maybe someone with non-javascript browser visit your site or some Bots like google bot, alexa bot ... ;)
Yeah could have been bots... In any matter I got indexed, and have one backlink, yah! It's strange because this site is WH, and my BH autoblog has 20 times that many visits using the same google adsense code. I now have 7 impressions but I wonder if bots come more often to the autoblog site because of how many blogs are posted every day.
Adblock? are yo talking about some firefox plugin?
Your counter hates you? No, he means when the person gets on your site maybe it blocks either the counter/your site.
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