12 Sure Ways to Kill Your Blog

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    Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and feelings. It is also a great marketing tool when used in the right way.

    However, there are various fatal errors one can make and some of them are discussed here.

    Blogging is a perfect tool for sharing ideas about a topic you feel strongly about. However there are various errors one can make which should be avoided.

    1. Bad Headings

    The intention of a heading is to draw readers to it, not confuse them. In fact, you can be specific such as ?Top 10 tips for a High Ranking page? etc.

    2. Not Linking to Old Posts

    Linking to old posts can help as a reference guide, to prove a point and to get noticed by G00gle?s search spiders. All links are assets and should never be forgotten

    3. Not Linking with Bloggers

    Linking allows other people to join the conversation and share their views about a particular topic which helps in building relationships especially if the link is to an authority site.

    4. Forgetting Description and Title

    If you forget these then there is little hope for your blog to rank high. This is critical information for G00gle spiders to rank your page.

    5. Bad URLs

    Broken links or linking to an irrelevant site or a spamy site will spell disaster. Forget getting any millage out of those links, you could be penalized.

    6. Plagiarizing

    While there are times when even the best writer gets "writers' block" , plagiarizing from another blogger is fatal for your blog. Always make sure the content is checked using the best Plagiarism tool there is. I highly recommend CopyScape and I have been using it since the time I started Content business.

    7. Random Blogging

    Although it is understandable that one is not able to blog often, blogging every once in a while (daily, once in 2 days or once a week) will ensure your blog is noticed a will keep readers (AND search spiders) coming back to your site for useful information.

    8. Writing Large Chunks

    When sharing information on your blog, avoid large chunks of information as it may confuse readers.

    9. Absence of Social Media Sites

    Social Media plays big in today's internet space. There are social media sites which should be used to promote your blog such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Don't miss G00gle+. After all, G00gle loves their own Social Network more than any other. :)

    10. Not Allowing Readers to Post Comments

    Allowing for readers to comment allows a blogger to know when they need to provide more information or to find like minded people. It will help you get a good sense of what the readers expect. It will also help the blog rank better when there are activities.

    11. Writing about a Pointless Topic

    No matter how good a blog post is, if you are not catering to YOUR audience, it will be ignored. The same applies if you write about something that your readers already know.

    12. Accepting Defeat

    Blogging takes time to show the right effects on your business - help you get more followers, build trust, etc. However, most people give up after a few months. Doing so ruins your chance of getting noticed and get positive results for all the effort.


    While blogging is difficult in some ways, it can be done by almost anyone. Just remember these points and I am sure it will reward you.