10K a month with music

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Very interesting . Looking forward to learn from you.
Hey Folks!

I am reading here for quite some time, only posting every now and then. Now I am also thinking about starting this journey for 2 weeks :D

My goal
Making 10K € a Month with Music Streaming and Curatoring

Where am I at the moment?
So far I made 5K the last months nice starting end of April 2021. This month I am awaiting 2K and next month 3K. Music streaming always pays out 3 months after the streams happened. So in January I am getting paid for November etc...
I will scale this up to 10K within the next 6 months. Making safety as the top priority and not growing to fast.
Curatoring is very low at the moment since I need an authentic and organically grown playlist, but I am getting there where I am paid 13 $ for every track I review. Getting around 30 tracks a month!

I am training people and horses for a living, but my daughter is 1 year old now and I just love spending time at home with my family and doing what I love to do (hobbies, sports, etc..)
Also the situation in Austria is not really nice at the moment. You are forced to be vaccinated 3 times by February before the mandatory vaccination is an official law ... since I don't need it for my work (self employed) nor am I in any danger group I really don't see any sense in getting vaccinated.
So i will build something online.

Whats coming?
I will keep u up2date how its going. Will answer questions, but I can't get to detailed on how I stream music since I do it my own way and don't want to get caught by people copying it. Once I am safe and it is running for quite some time I may be selling a guide. lets see.

Hope u enjoy my ride :D

Ps: The 5K are split between 3 accounts. I am only showing u the biggest one xD
Hey! How long are the songs on loop, do you use VPNs or RDPs or just with desktop,
Spotify is dead. Unless you have hundreds or thousands of songs, you will not last. Either Spotify or your distributor will catch you. And if your songs are too generic, you will have a hard time releasing them.
who work on spotify farming pm me on discord niso#2574
to Exchange of experiences
sorry for bad english !
And I say this because there are botters who own distros and advertise it to other botters, but the owners still withheld royalties from them despite making their own boting income... f**kin scammers.

I hope that's not u, since this journey seem decent, but one can never fully know til they get DM credible proof

lol if he does that withholding scam I'll let you know
*Short Update*
Since i am on holidays id like to give a small but important update: ITS DONE!!!

For the first time i crossed the line of 10k for the month of may!
Next goal is to keep it consistent and maximize the system up to the moon :D
congratulations mate!
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