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100th Post- The Pianist Story

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by black1411, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. black1411

    black1411 Junior Member

    Dec 14, 2008
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    Hi guys, for my century post, i would like to share with you guys my personal thoughts on making money on IM.

    Ever since i joined BHW 7 months ago, my knowledge and experience in IM has been on the up and so has my income. :)

    This is seriously one of the best places to hang out and i see alot of people struggling everyday with making money here.

    So i'm gonna share with u guys what i feel has helped me leap from making a few dollars here and there or nothing at all to now making a full time income online and quitting my previous job.

    I will use the analogy of a Pianist to compare and contrast what alot of people here seem to experience.

    #1- Trying Too Much Too Soon , Take In What You Can

    This is very simple, we have a great resource of knowledge here BUT most people will still never make money because they are too overloaded with information and lack of experience.

    Don't go around reading 100 threads and trying to do 10 different areas of IM.

    Instead stick to what you can manage otherwise you will collapse mentally and waste alot of time.

    The Piantist had been trying to master a list of songs he was excited about but he was not making much progress.....he paused for a moment and reflected.

    " Have you seen a piano player trying to master 10 songs at one time? If not, why should you? " was a reflection of the Pianist.

    So the Pianist decided to stick to the 1 or 2 songs he really wanted to learn instead of 10.

    #2- Going For Quick Success and Unrealistic Goals

    While it is good to aim high so you can be motivated to work, do not expect INSTANT results or overnight SUCCESS.

    It just don't happen people. Even big brands like Amazon, Google tooks years of hard work to fulfill their great concepts.

    Everybody who wants to make serious money in IM will have to go through the learning and experimenting phrase before they can make any regular money.

    "Can you pick up the piano and play instantly without any errors? Of course not, mistakes are part and parcel of the whole learning process."

    He had realized in his thoughts.

    So the Pianist decided he had to accept the learning process was necessary and so were the mistakes which he had to learn from.

    He was no longer afraid of mistakes because he knew they were inevitable and were needed for him to progress.

    #3- Lack of Belief and Motivation

    We all know doing IM is something very virtual and yet real at the same time. You deal with cash and people you don't see for the most part so it can create a sense of disillusion that you are not getting anywhere or doing much.

    You may also struggle internally with whether you can do it. These are metal barriers, this is why not everyone is gonna be a success in this.

    Let me tell you, you can and will do it.

    The only thing you'll need is a desire to do it and a good plan. Once you start making good progress, you will have broken your own mental barriers.

    If you are still posting threads around here like "How Can I Make $$$ ?" you just shown and told yourself you don't believe it can be done.

    You are saying to yourself all the other great threads and information ALREADY available here and PROVEN to be working are fluff.

    That's why a few weeks or months down the road, you;re still not getting anywhere.

    Remember whether you believe it is real or not, the main thing is belief will help you get much closer while disbelief will get you further away from where you want to go.

    In the end, it's just a thought process, change your thoughts and you will change your own beliefs.

    If you don't believe or have doubts about in your mind, your actions will follow. Once that happens, the results will follow too and it can be good or bad..it's all depending on your first thoughts....

    " I need to believe I can do it before i will do it, otherwise why am i doing this?"

    So the Pianist decided to break down his own mental barrier and continue on his journey to success......it would all start with his mindset.


    If you can master the 3 main concepts above, you will be on a much smoother path to making money online and actually i believe they apply to anything you do in life....so remember this little story.

    I hope you guys find this post helpful.

    Feel free to find me on IM/Yahoo if you want to exchange ideas and tips on BH/IM. :)

    All the best everybody.
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  2. jarhead

    jarhead Junior Member

    Jan 17, 2009
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    Thanks, it motivated me :)
    Now it's time to reflect on what I'm doing and see if I can play the piano properly.
  3. krates

    krates Junior Member

    Jun 21, 2009
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    Internet Marketer
    Deserve sticky :p one of the best post In BHW thanks for this it raised my mind level..