100k per year with YouTube - yes it's possible!


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Feb 11, 2008
You want some inspiration and motivation, here is a recent article about 10 people that are cashing big ( all 100k+/year ) with YouTube.

Of course you will recognize some of them, but it's good to see the other side of the story.

I'm pretty sure there's some blackhatters who make more than the partners yearly. I know someone banking 20k a month with youtube with minimal expenses and there's probably people earning 3-4x more than him.
yeah whatever happened to lonelygirl15?

youtube stars come into mind all of a sudden -

sneezing panda
tron guy
chris crocker (?) leave britney alone!!!
charlie bit me

I think the most money made off of youtube is by Justin Bieber! :eek:
Interesting....I had never heard of her.

If she is making that kind of money, that is great.

So, exactly how is she monetizing her videos?
Not to sound negative, but 100,000 a year is a total piss take considering the traffic these people drive to YT. Think about it... A lot of those videos get more views than hit TV shows, and I'm pretty sure TV stars are paid more than 2 grand a week
I think most people would be happy if they did $100 / month as an bonus to their job
im a youtube partner and i only get 200 a month.. than again i only get 10 000 per video and i upload 1 time a week..

i want to be famous!!! QQ
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