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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here and after a lot of reading thought of sharing my 50 (or rather -50) cents. I'll firstly introduce myself briefly: I work as software developer and earn decent money working as contractor in London. It's great but at some point I'd like to have my own "stuff"/source of income,/whatsoever, so that I don't have a boss anymore! haha. So I'm always trying new projects and ideas whenever I've got some spare time. I also work on some of them with friends/colleagues. I'd like to think that I'm clever enough to be able to do something worthy, but I guess I haven't invested enough time, effort, or both.

    Anyway, I wish I could share a brilliant method to make shit lot of money, easily and quickly, but unfortunately I'm not there yet. So far I've tried quite a few things and none of them have quite worked. I still thought it worth sharing them here so that hopefully would still somehow help others to at least avoid my mistakes if not learn from them. Also any suggestions to improve or do things differently would be greatly appreciated. So, until I find something that works, I'll be sharing on this thread the things that I've tried so far, starting from one on this post.

    Please, feel free to move this post elsewhere, since it's not actually helping anyone to make money (as of yet) I just didn't know where to put it.

    #1: Spam/aggregator blog: So I've done many websites and android apps, and stuff whenever I had an idea, and I always struggled to get people to know/visit/download them, so I thought maybe creating a blog that auto-generates content might somehow change that and that's what I did. I don't know much about SEO, but I know that duplicating content is probably one of the worst things you can do, but that's where my "idea" comes in place:
    I created a wordpress site with a brand new domain (didn't know about all that trend of getting expired domains and so on until few days ago, when I found this website :), still haven't been able to find any decent domain available, but anyway, sorry by the offtopic). I installed a plugin WP-Pipes that allows you to fetch RSS news and automatically post the content. I installed social sharing plugins, cache optimizers, I put the blog fully on SSL using a free SSL certificate on letsencrypt (I read somewhere that HTTPS helps in SEO because google likes it.).
    Nothing fancy until there, but then I thought I'd have to do something to avoid duplicating content, and then I thought, how could I do that without actually having to do that? And I decided to use a few free APIs that by using machine learning techniques are able to do a kind of summary of a given text (all it does is remove some sentences and reorder them, really). I modified the wordpress plugin to call this API's before posting the content and then added a "Full article" link to the source. I created a FB page, google plus page, thumblr, twitter. I integrated some auto-social posting plugins to spam twitter, fb and thumblr. I also found some cheeky JS code that would "make" visitors of the website like the FB page "automagically" (it doesn't always work, but kind of does, the user has to click anywhere). I think that's about it, well I also used some chrome extension to follow people massively and I have over 1k followers on twitter.

    It's been running for a few months already, and it's working a little bit better than what I expected. There is some activity on twitter, people liking twits, and the web is getting some visitors from social, but nothing much, almost no organic visitors, I guess it's not that easy to cheat on the big G... I have adsense on the blog but I haven't earn not even 1$ so far and I doubt that's gonna change any time soon, I guess I'm shutting it down soon, because at the beginning I thought that if sharing in Twitter kind of works, maybe other socials would as well, and I could work on that, but FB, Tumblr and G+ are not performing as well, not at all rather, so probably there's nothing much to do with it, any ideas will be welcomed, as it's purely an experiment and I don't "care" being penalised, in fact it might probably be already the case.

    So, that was my first contribution to the community, this is the first method, but hopefully won't be the last I share with you guys. Don't try it at home (Because it doesn't work! haha).

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    I think this is great, some people only share the success they have had but sharing the failures will help others learn. Thanks for sharing.
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    Nice with a failure story for a change! Personally, I am no good with social media, so it's nice to know i'm not the only one not banking there. :p

    Coding is a great skill to have, I would build more on that if I were you. Freelance projects, ask the community here what they would like as an app = BST, everybody loves automation.
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    You know as a dev myself I used to do similar things. Just make something and thought yeah its cool, but then no one uses it cos no one even knows about it. Started learning SEO to help solve that problem.

    Keep experimenting though man. Never give that up. I still always love to tinker with new things. Learning SEO is a key focus for me right now and so far so good. When I've got the game down a bit better I'll revisit the software side of things a bit later. I always had this naive mentality that just cos I can write software that I could build some automated system to bring in the bucks and it just doesn't really work that way. It's more about learning business, how to do market research, how to provide something of value to people and how to get ranked in G. Once you've got all that down you can automate or streamline parts of that with software but I've found steering away from that angle and just focusing on the fundamentals first is bringing in some results.

    Good luck man.
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    Haha wow! That sounds EXCACTLY like what iv'e been doing the past few months :)! I'm also new to this whole SEO thingy (I come from a background in hacking/web dev) and iv'e set up a site that runs automatically aswell (rss fetch, twitter/facebook automation) decent twitter activity but not so much on facebook, and avg 40 visits a day on the site x.x - do you perhaps have a skype? we can share some tips! :)
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    I feel ya, but don't give up. It might not be a bad idea to hold onto what you have created so far and take a step back or sit on it if you are really going to try a different method. Everything takes time and your not going to make a ton of money over night, maybe even not for a couple months depending on what you are doing. So just hang in there!
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    Fantastic thread title, a real stopper.

    Doing something without investigating it's true profitability. Assumn it will work because you want to belive it does.

    Applies to any project, but it's the root of a lot of making no money.
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    You failed with that, because you didn't understand the value of such a website and the situation you need to be in be able to extract it. I don't think anybody creates such a website with the idea of ranking it. Such websites are something that you make when you already have a good traffic source and you want to make money from it. Then if you have a website full of nice content that your audience is interested in, you can start sharing it with them and they'll go visit your aggregator website and start making you some money from the ads. But this only works when you already have the audience to promote it to. I know because I've personally done that and it's something that works well in such circumstances. You just don't do it to rank and you don't try to spin the content in any way, you just keep the original high quality content and bank on the impressions you're able to generate.

    So if you want a website like this to work for you, concentrate on amassing a sizable social media following and don't expect to start earning something until your following is huge. And when your following becomes huge, try other methods of monetizing it as well.