$100 Startup Consulting Business


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Jan 21, 2014
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I recently read this book called $100 startup. Its like 80/20 of the four hour work week. They have recommendations for starting a consulting business. The idea is to you as little as possible. (Not really promoting the book, just saying im using as a model)

Right now I started one one consulting business.

- My goal is to finish the wordpress website.
- Setup the paypal buy now buttons
- get an official bank account
- add features and benefits
- add email opt in


- create 30 blog posts
- contact 30 other Blogs in my industry if I can write articles for them
- Ask 5 other industry website for backlinks
- create 20 audio youtube videos

Direct Marketing ( i.e. sales / hustling)

- post on craiglist
- 1 800 number on my websites
- create a sales lead script to respond to customers
- offer potential customers free service

I let you know how it goes