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100$ / Month , Need a Tips from Senior Here

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ev3v4hn, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. ev3v4hn

    ev3v4hn Newbie

    Sep 9, 2015
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    Hi there, iam new here and Iam new to this kind of job, i do this job from April 2015
    I need a little tips advice maybe for what iam doing, so i can do better with this job.
    So this is what i do :

    1. 1st thing first, i buy 1 hosting at 22$ << namecheap hosting.
    2. 5 expired domains (PR4 - PR6) at 11$ << (expired domain the cheapest one) :p .
    3. Instal wordpress, scrap, spun, posting article to the 1k - 2k /blog << use GAP and ABS.
    4. Use Scrapebox to boost backlink to 50k << need time 3-4 weeks.
    5. Register my blog to sponsored reviews, linkvehicle, linkworth, hpbacklink.. and many more.
    6. Do the job.. get the money, just from content repost / write article.

    Now i have 2 hosting and 28 domain from what i have done.
    I like this job , not much, but 100$/ month is not to bad for me.
    And this is my 2nd job, i have my 1st job as customer service online (4hour/day).
    So i have more time to do my 2nd job.

    My Question is :

    1. I need more $ from this bussiness, maybe you have a tips?
    Oh by the way, my blog don't have visitors.
    It is just simple blog, just for pay to review job (Sorry can,t link my blog since iam new here)

    2. Iam sorry for my stupidity, but writing articles is not to hard, my english is bad, so i pay people to make my article sometimes, emm...
    So what should i do with my domains?
    Any other ideas?
    Or i just to focus to this write article, and copy ing my metode above (1-6)

    Thank You.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    And please remove to the right forum if i post in the wrong section.
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  2. SEO FOX


    Apr 27, 2015
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    Infront Of U!!
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    1. Share your post with the social medias to get more visitors.
    2. Write article for unique then find a main keyword for your domain and make content on that topic so that you can get visitors too.
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