100% Conversion rate ugh?

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by flybeta, Apr 5, 2012.

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    Went to go eat came back and one of my ads already made me 14$ at a 100% conversion rate. Ad is pretty specific and is different then the other ads. I'm real new to adwords and this is just running off my coupon.

    Wasn't to sure but it suggested 3.25 for first page bid so I left it at that then came back it said 3.50. [email protected]! I thought that couldn't be right at all so I lowered it back to a 1.00 .

    It didn't show any impressions or clicks so I didn't think I made anything I checked my account though and I did.

    Does the first page bid mean you will definitely be on it or not on it does it matter?
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    It's all about your Quality Score. It determines your ad's rank along with your bid and what you'll pay. If the FPB goes up, it means your QS is going down. The solution is to improve QS with better ads. If you don't and don't set your bid to at least the minimum to be on the first page, you can still get impressions. However, you may get them simply because searchers go beyond the first page or there was not enough inventory to show your competitor's ads allowing you to move up. Either way, you are not maximizing your ad exposure and losing out on more sales.