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    So this how I get 100+ twitter followers every day. Its easier then you might think and completely free.
    O.K> This is it:
    So you know how twitter #(hash tag) everything? Well people search for list and they #(whatever) to find it. In your twitter profile just include the following:

    Thats it! People will auto follow you with the impression that you will follow back! If you dont follow back the numbers will dwindle and so come to a halt because people use sites like fair-followDOTcom to unfollow the unfollowers.
    If you just follow back, everyone that follows you, your Twitter acount will dominate. Just place the hash taghs above and sit back. Welcome to your new HUGE twitter account! This is my no-bot no-bullsh*t method to keep 100+ followers rolling in every:)day
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